Indoor Plant Passions: Suki Kwon

In Plant Passions this week we talk to Suki Kwon has a beautiful Instagram account where she shares her passion for plants, interior styling, pets and her beautiful art. Here are some of the things we learned...

My name is Suki. I was born and raised in South Korea. I spent 20 years in Korea; and 24 years in the states. I sometimes feel like a citizen of either country. Hence, my instagram handle, nunaratus -- Nuna and Apparatus combined into a word. Nuna means sister in Korean. 


Tells Us About Your Houseplant Feed?

I have a lot of different interests. Narrowing them down to one seems impossible. So far, I have managed to stick to four topics - plants, decor, pet, and my art. As my handle says, a collection of happy notes about my favorite topics. My feed may not look cohesive but the common denominator is my passion for plants. 



How did your passion for houseplants begin?
Homeownership! I bought my first house in the early 2000s. The tiny house came with a rather large front yard but entirely covered with grass-like weeds. For the next 2 years, all my free time was spent on transforming the front yard to a English garden. 
One day, I was riding a bus home and unwittingly listening in another passenger's chat with her friend. No texting back then! She was giving directions to her house and at one point, she used my house as a landmark --- a green house with a dreamy English garden. 
I no longer have an English garden, but the pandemic has refueled my passion for plants. Whether outside or inside, plants make me feel good. Between zoom meetings, I tend my plant babies and instantly feel calmer and more relaxed. 


What’s Your Favourite houseplant?
Oh my, that's very hard to answer, but if I must pick one, Monstera Deliciosa. So much joy when fenestration begins. I will always have one in my plant collection. Doesn't Monday feel less hard to bear because of #MonsteraMonday

Any secret plant houseplant tips? 

Go with what plants want, not what you want. I often see FLF or BOP placed in shady places mainly for decorative purposes. The internet makes it so easy to learn more about your plant babies. As long as you follow the soil + water + light rules, you should be golden (or green?).

Large Cactus or Tropical houseplants ? 
Cactus! I would love to live in a warmer place where I could have the dream cactus garden of my dream. 

If you want to know more about Suki please follow her main account @nunaratus
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