Indoor Plant Passions: Taylor Fuller

Welcome to our latest blog interview! Today, we're thrilled to chat with a passionate houseplant enthusiast who has been cultivating a lush and thriving indoor garden for many years. Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or just starting out, you'll definitely pick up some valuable tips and tricks from this interview. So sit back, grab a drink, and let's dive into the wonderful world of houseplants!

In Indoor Plant Passions this week we talk to Taylor Fuller, Taylor has a beautiful account where she shares her passion for plants and travel. Here are some of the things we learned...

I’m originally from New York. I moved to the UK nearly three years ago. I’ve lived all over the world and traveled extensively, but London is the city that stole my heart! I’m lucky enough to live here because I have dual citizenship between the USA and Malta!
I have been a professional, full time travel blogger and freelance writer for the last 6 or 7 years (who can keep track anymore).  Obviously with the current state of the world, it hasn’t been very easy to do my job. I’m hopeful that travel will pick up again in the future… But then who will take care of all of my plant babies!?.
How Did You Passion For Indoor Plants Begin?
I never had a green thumb. Before March I only had a handful of plants, two of which came from my boyfriend’s flat when we moved in with each other, another few that we bought when we moved in, and then some that an old flatmate gave me since she was moving back to America. Only one of them was one I had purchased myself, and I honestly had just left it in my back garden for months because I couldn’t seem to keep it alive! 
When COVID started and lockdown began I literally had nothing to do with my days. I needed something to take care of and I kept getting served all of these ads on Instagram about buying houseplants so I just started buying them and didn’t look back! 


Tells Us About Your Houseplants Feed?
When I started growing my plant collection I knew that I needed to create a brand new Instagram feed, one that didn’t focus on my travels around the world and one that wasn’t my job. I love sharing the interior of my rented flat and I’m really passionate about helping people with their own plant collections. It’s fun to share tips about specific plants, post stories about new growth (which is something I do non stop), and connect with other plant lovers! 


What’s Your Favourite Indoor Plant?

That’s the hardest question! But, if I had to choose it would probably be my Alocasia Zebrina, named Sabrina. She was my first plant that wasn’t an “easy” plant to take care of. It took a lot of crispy leaves for me to figure out exactly how to care for her and what she liked! But now it’s one of my plants that thrives the most!
Any Secret Houseplant Tips?
Don’t always follow the information card you get with your plant or what you read on google. Some of my plants need to be watered a lot more than what the guidelines say for that specific plant. Remember that your conditions at home are way different than if your plant was in a nursery or in it’s natural environment with the most perfect situation for it. Find a watering schedule that works for you and your plant!
Oh and starting a plant collection doesn’t have to be expensive! Propagate your plants or swap cuttings with friends! 
Large Cactus or Tropical Plants?

I have a few Cacti but I’m a big tropical plant lover. I have over 60 tropical plants and only a handful of cacti! I just love feeling like I’m living in a jungle! 

If you’d like to see a video we have made about general houseplant care, have a look here.
If you want to know more about Taylor please follow her @taylorathomewithplants or check out her travel blog

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