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Houseplants can make wonderful gifts - don’t you often try to think of something as a present that’s a bit different? Chocolates are always lovely but are gone before too long! Flowers are a splendid statement and great to receive but an indoor plant gift is something that will live for years and give so much pleasure. Whether the person you want to give to is a seasoned houseplant lover or someone new to indoor plants, a houseplant gift like this will always be well received.

When you are thinking about the sort of houseplant to give, take a few minutes to consider the sort of person you are giving to. Are they used to plants and interested in plant care? Are they new to houseplants? Do they have pets? Children? What sort of place do they live in? Is it a tiny town flat or a larger house with bigger rooms? Is it sunny? Shaded? Both? How much do you want to spend? All these are important considerations when you’re thinking about the perfect houseplant gift.

Plants are like people or animals, each has its own personality, likes and dislikes. Watering, position, feeding, temperature - all need to be thought about for a houseplant to thrive.

If you’re looking for a large house plant as an indoor plant gift, we can recommend Ficus Lyrata Single Stem - the Fiddle Leaf Fig. This classically popular, large leaved foliage houseplant is super trendy and a must have style plant. You’ve seen it in magazines, in the background on TV shows - you may not know that’s what it is but you’ve definitely seen it! A true rainforest dweller, it’s an epiphyte - a plant that grows on larger trees - and it always looks magnificent in any home.

Whereas the Bush Fiddle Leaf Fig and the lollipop shape can be more expensive, Ficus Lyrata single stem is a reasonably cheap indoor plant that makes an ideal houseplant gift. It is a slow grower, but in time it will get larger so it’s a really great value houseplant that adds superb style. Ficus Lyrata can sometimes be a little fussy about position and it hates being moved around once settled, so perhaps suitable for someone who has had houseplants before rather than a total newbie!

For other large houseplants suitable as gifts please have a look at our Tall Houseplants section.

A delicate, trailing houseplant that makes a fantastic indoor plant gift is Ceropegia Woodii, Silver String of Hearts. If you’re looking for a cheap houseplant as a gift - something that also looks really special - then this could be the one for you! It’s graceful, ethereal and trails from a hanging pot or hanging basket with long, slim stems and beautiful heart shaped leaves. It’s easy to see why this lovely houseplant is called String of Hearts or Chain of Hearts - the leaves are also a wonderful pale green with slivery white markings and emerald green borders.

In South Africa, where String of Hearts originates, it grows up trees like a vine, trailing to three or four metres long. In your home it won’t be anything like this long - our plants are 15cm long but will quickly grow as long as you like in the right conditions! Being a plant from tropical regions it likes heat, humidity and misting. It can thrive in the shade but is also able to cope in the sun - it’s very versatile and easy to care for. Great on a shelf cascading downwards or sitting on a windowsill in a hallway, kitchen or living room, this is a great plant to give as a gift and will give pleasure for years to come.

If you like Ceropegia Woodii and would like to look at some other small trailing houseplants that might be suitable as houseplant gifts, we’ve got a special section on hanging and trailing houseplants where you might find the plant you are looking for!

Houseplant gifts for people with pets!

If the person you are thinking of giving to has pets then it’s a good idea to give one of our pet safe houseplants! Pilea Pepperomoides, or Chinese Money plant, is a fabulous looking pet safe houseplant that would make a fantastic indoor plant gift. It has emerald green leaves on the end of stems that fan out from the base of the plant. The leaves sit almost like lily pads on the ends of the stems, making it a beautiful houseplant to look at. It’s really popular at the moment - a real style plant and trend setter! We have this lovely plant in a smaller and an extra large size - something to suit every space!

Chinese Money plant doesn’t require too much care - as usual with houseplants it’s important not to let this plant sit in water after watering, it’s best to let water totally drain away before putting the plant pot back on its saucer. It likes bright, indirect light - so a light corner where it won’t be in the direct sun. A really fabulous house plant to give as a gift, the smaller plant will grow to be quite large within 18 months, so it’s really good value for money and quite beautiful with its large, waxy leaves. Definitely a houseplant we’d love to receive as a present!

We’ve got a collection of pet safe houseplants if you are looking to buy an indoor plant gift for someone who has a pet - please have a look and you might find just the thing that you are looking for to give as a present.

If you are looking to gift to someone who needs an almost indestructible houseplant then Aspidistra Elatior (Cast Iron Plant) is a great plant with elegant looks. It’s also pet safe which is a bonus!
If you’d like to give a houseplant that will flower, one we really love is Medinilla Magnifica - the Philipene Orchid. This epiphyte (plant that survives by growing on other trees) comes from the humid mountain environment of the Philippines. It has wonderfully large, dark green, glossy leaves and can produce large pink flowers with tightly packed petals - similar in looks to camellia flowers. It will sit on a windowsill happily - it loves the sun - and will flower several times a year! During the winter months it has a rest, so it’s best to water very sparingly at this time and water and feed more regularly in spring and summer months. It’s a really showy, cheerful, attention grabbing little plant, ideal to give as a gift. It’s a cheap houseplant and gives back big value for money with its wonderful flowers - we really recommend this houseplant for someone who likes flowering colour!
If you’d prefer to give a lovely variegated houseplant that will sit on a shelf or in a bright corner, you might like to choose Epipremnum Happy Plant. It has fantastic variegation - the leaves are dark green speckled and splashed with lots of white. This makes it a real stunner of a plant that makes an excellent style plant in any corner of a room. It’s actually a variety of Pothos - a large family of houseplants which comprises many beautiful plants - we stock quite a few! 

Happy Plant is a native of French Polynesia and is a fast grower - but it can be left in the same pot for years and it will still thrive. Variegated plants in general tend to need more light than the non-variegated plants because only the green parts of the leaves produce chlorophyll, so this houseplant does need a bright room although direct sun may be a little much for it. It can manage with some shade too - generally it’s an unfussy plant with fabulous looks! Ideal to give as a little pot of style to someone special.

Succulents also make great low maintenance houseplant gifts. They are well adapted to withstand drought in their natural habitats so they are brilliant if you think the person you are giving the plant to might forget about watering from time to time! Succulents store water in their leaves and stems - their leaves are thickened for this reason. This doesn’t by any means make them unattractive - they are in fact a very varied and eye-catching group of houseplants.

A classic succulent that makes a brilliant little indoor plant gift is the Aloe Vera plant. Everyone knows Aloe Vera juice is widely used in medicines and cosmetics but perhaps not everyone knows how fantastic the Aloe Vera plant looks - it’s sculptural and makes a really bold statement that would suit any stye of home, modern and minimal or traditionally decorated. It’s also really easy to propagate so one plant can make lots more! Anyone would be delighted to receive an Aloe plant - it’s a really cheap houseplant that is super easy to look after. It tolerates most conditions so is suitable for most rooms in the house. It will manage in hot sun and needs watering infrequently and hardly at all in the winter. A lot of houseplants have a resting period during the winter months - particularly cacti and succulents - so watering in the winter isn’t really necessary.

We’ve got a whole section on succulents and cacti - they really are so varied and attractive that you’ll be sure to find a plant here that will suit the person you want a present for. They come in all shapes and sizes and are so easy to look after as well as being stunning - we have a huge amount of choice to why not take a look?

At Happy Houseplants we really love giving surprises to people so we’re always only too delighted to help you decide on a gift houseplant if you’d like some advice. We’ve got loads of specialist knowledge and most of all we really love our houseplants and want everyone else to love them just as much! We’re the online plant shop to come to for quirky and rare houseplants as well as large leaved foliage plants, hanging houseplants and succulents! We have it all and if we don’t we’ll try to find it for you!

As an extra special touch we can deliver your indoor plant gift along with a handwritten card bearing the message of your choice. All you need to do is let us know your message at the basket stage of checkout and we’ll make sure your delivery is an amazing surprise! We’ll also make sure that no paperwork is included with your gift so that it’s a really delightful surprise. We’re really sure that whoever you give to will absolutely love their houseplant gift - and we’ll definitely be available to give them any plant care advice if needed.

We hope you have been inspired by our ideas for houseplant gifts. We have a special section on our site devoted to indoor plant gifts so please have a look! If you can’t decide then we’re here to help. Happy Houseplants really is the best online plant shop!

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