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Houseplants grow typically from March to November, and if you want to keep your houseplants lush and growing well, read our blog. All the advice to feed your houseplants and grow healthy indoor plants is here. 

In the wild, plants can naturally seek out nutrients and food; the roots will extend and grow deeper, looking for new sources of nourishment. Plants' roots take up water and minerals from the ground, and their leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the air. They convert the water, minerals and gas into food with energy from the sun; a process called photosynthesis. the food is glucose and starch, and all animal life on earth depends on this process. Without plants, no life would exist.

Our plants dont have falling leaves or rainfall in our homes, so they rely on us as owners and plant parents to provide all they need. Most people are comfortable, and we advise here on how to do that well in our blog. Feeding houseplants is often overlooked, but if you want healthy houseplants, it's critical to remember to feed your plants regularly. 

What is fertilizer? Fertilizer is simply food for plants, providing all the nourishment they need to grow well. Like people, plants can have too much or too little food. Overfed plants can get root burn and the plant dies, so it's best to be cautious when feeding plants. A plant that needs more feed is easily fixed. 

Plants recently purchased or usually repotted dont need feeding for the first six months. The soil will contain all the goodness the plant needs. Older plants will need food if they are going to grow bigger. 

The best fertilizers for houseplants provide all the goodness that a plant needs in a simple product that is easy to use and store. 

When developing our original Happy Houseplants' Organic Tropical Plant Food, we wanted to create a cruelty-free product with no chemical supplements. Our UK-based blending, bottling & fulfillment centre in Dartmoor hand-makes all our plant food. 

Our organic indoor plant food is made from Seaweed, harvested sustainably. Seaweed provides a delicate blend of growth hormones and micronutrients that is perfect for all indoor plants. We use Seaweed harvested from the shoreline, so it gets all the goodness of the sun and sea twice daily as the tides change. 

Feeding your plants is essential if you want to have large healthy plants all year round. 


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