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So you want some instant impact in your living room? A rainforest presence in your kitchen? The wow factor in your bathroom? You want a big, bold, large houseplant to really give that magazine spread style? Here at

Happy Houseplants we have a big range of large, tall houseplants that will give you all of this and much more.

Philodendron melanochrysum

You can see large houseplants in lots of style magazines, TV shows and films. They are a wonderful way of bringing the rainforest feeling to your home and really giving that fashionable look to your surroundings. Large houseplants are brilliant for bigger spaces such as hallways and large sitting rooms. They create such a luxurious feel - and they are so beneficial for mental and physical health.

Extra Large Strelitzia Nicolai

Large, leafy houseplants - superb for forest bathing!

Large houseplants can form an integral part of an indoor forest bathing experience. If you’ve heard of forest bathing you might think you can only enjoy it outside in woodlands. But being inside surrounded by your rainforest houseplants can give you similar stress relief - real experts at forest bathing like to meditate amongst

the plants and trees, you can feel the benefits by taking time to relax amongst your houseplants inside your own home! Plants are famously good for mental health and houseplants also clean the air so they offer double benefits!

So, the attraction of large houseplants is clear. Which ones should you choose though? Well, here at Happy Houseplants we can give you advice on the houseplants that might suit your requirements best. We’ve picked out a few that we think might appeal!

Fiddle Leaf Fig for glossy leaved impact

A large houseplant familiar to everyone is the Fiddle Leaf Fig - Ficus Lyrata. This glossy leaved giant is super fashionable - and with good reason. It’s big, showy, stunning - a real star of a plant!

There is not just one Fiddle Leaf Fig though - we sell many different forms - we have:

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Single Stem

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Three Stem

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Branched

Extra Large Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Classic Lollipop Shape

The reason these figs are so popular - apart from their magazine presence - is the combination of size, lush, shiny leaves and just the exotic, rainforest feel that they bring to your home. They never fail to capture attention, are so refreshing to look at and are personalities in themselves! In particular, the lollipop shape is

unusual and sought after - with its long stem and bushy form at the top it looks just like a lollipop! Many people contact us not quite sure what a lollipop Fig is and this is probably the best way of describing it! Think of a kid’s lollipop!

Rubber Plants bring that rich, rainforest feel

Another luxuriously leafy houseplant also in the Ficus family is Ficus Elastica - the Rubber Plant! A true classic among houseplants this really is a favourite of ours - its super shiny, waxy leaves in a deep emerald green, its bushy, vigorous habit and its ability to thrive without too much care makes the Rubber Plant hard to beat as a

large houseplant.

Rubber Plant - Ficus Elastica

If you have a fairly sunny area by a window that needs a bit of character, the Rubber Plant could be the stunner to fill the space. It won’t like the full heat of the sun all the time though or its leaves may curl - perfect conditions would be sun in the morning and a bit less direct light in the afternoon! It will certainly add bags of style to your room - we have Rubber Plants that are a metre and a half high so plenty of plant value - making it quite a cheap houseplant for the impact it gives!

If you’re a Rubber Plant fan we also stock Ficus Abidjan - which has a wonderful burgundy tint to its leaves giving it an overall mahogany look - burnished burgundy leaves and a splendid shine. As with Ficus Elastica, this Fig will be a stand out winner with visitors to your home. It would also make a fabulous part of any collection - you’ll soon be a Ficus addict after getting one from our selection - and we do lots of them!

Ficus Elastica Abidjan

Ficus Umbellata - the new big Fig!

A less common Ficus is Ficus Umbellata - this is one for you if you like to have a full impact plant that’s a little more unusual - it won’t be for long though as it’s stunning! It’s a close relative of the popular

Fiddle Leaf Fig that everyone knows and loves and has wonderfully large leaves above a tall stem. In the rainforest these leaves would not only provide lots of shade and dappled light for the plant’s roots, they would also enable the plant to capture enough light and water to allow it to thrive. In your home the leaves are very decorative - this plants in not just there for decoration though, you also have the privilege of nurturing a beautiful living, breathing thing that will give so much pleasure back to you!

Ficus Umbellata

We have Ficus Umbellata in a rare tree form as well as the 80cm

Ficus Umbellata and a really large Ficus Umbellata too - Happy Houseplants is the place to come to buy house plants online, we have so many large indoor house plants! For the larger plants we just deliver to London and the home counties - we like to bring these to you by hand to ensure perfect condition. We strive to give the best service possible - we’re here to help from selection to

delivery and everything in between!

Ficus Umbellata - Tree Form

The classic big leaf Monstera deliciosa

You can’t really talk about large houseplants without mentioning the king of indoor plants - the Monstera Deliciosa or Cheese Plant! This in fact is part of a large plant family - we love the Monstera so much that we

use it in our logo! Monstera is actually a type of rainforest vine that - in its natural habitat - climbs up larger trees and clings on to reach the light and moisture. In your home it’s a style plant, a very attractive large leaved indoor plant that adds the wow factor to your sitting room, kitchen, bathroom or any other room with bright but

indirect light!

Elegant Stem Form

The Monstera isn’t just one plant though but a whole group - we have a huge selection of Monsteras to choose from. The question is, which one is right for you?

The Tree Form Monstera is the most like a vine and we recommend that you let it climb up a mossy pole or indoor wall to imitate its natural growth habit. You’ll be rewarded with a fast growing, lush looking large leaved indoor plant that’s remarkably easy to manage and makes a big impact. Monstera care isn’t hard - you just need to remember to water your plant when the top couple of inches of soil feel dry to the touch, soak through and let it drain away, never leave it sitting in water!

Large Monstera Deliciosa on Moss Pole

Variegated Monsteras Deliciosa for uniquely stunning foliage

Variegated Monstera is another beautiful houseplant - the emerald green leaves are marbled with cream. These really are stunners - eye-catching and opulent, leafy and bold. Each Variegated Monstera is quite unique and you can never be sure how the variegated markings will turn out so if you buy this houseplant then no-one else will have a plant exactly like it! Sometimes the leaves are almost entirely white and sometimes there are just splashes of variegation on the green leaf - the look cannot be predicted and that’s part of its appeal!

Variegated plants in general need a little more light than non variegated ones - the white parts of the leaf do produce chlorophyll so to produce nutrients the plant relies on the green parts of the leaf. This means that they cannot usually tolerate shady spots well and need to have plenty of bright light. Not direct sunlight though! A bright room but away from the window is the best place for a variegated plant.

Large Variegated Monstera Deliciosa

We stock a large Variegated Monstera and an even bigger Extra Large Variegated Monstera - these are really difficult to get hold of and we’re really lucky to be able to procure such wonderful

houseplants! Both would look amazing in one of our seagrass planters, or you could go for an antique terracotta pot for a earthy look. We also have a small Variegated Monstera which would look fabulous in a smaller space, or might be perfect for you if you want to watch a smaller plant grow bigger! If you’d like to see more of our Monsteras have a look at our plant pages where you’ll find a large range to choose from!

Small Variegated Monstera Deliciosa

The Weeping Fig - a bold statement piece

No piece on large houseplants would be complete without mentioning Ficus Benjamina, the Weeping Fig! This impressive indoor tree has a wonderful twisted stem with an abundance of beautiful pale green foliage tumbling from the top. In its native

Large Weeping Fig Tree

Australia it can grow to 50 feet tall - luckily it won’t do this in your home, but our tree can be almost 2 metres tall, so you need a large space for it!

The Weeping Fig is a striking plant to have in any room, it prefers bright but indirect light, apart from that it’s easy to look after - like most houseplants it only needs watering infrequently and mustn’t be left sitting in water! A little feed once a month in spring and summer and it will be really happy - you can try our own vegan, organic plant food - available on our plant pages - which can be poured in to the soil or even used in a misting spray directly onto the leaves, which is recognised as a good way of allowing the plant to absorb the

nutrients more easily.

Large Areca Palm

We’ve mentioned here just a few of our outstanding large houseplants but we have a lot more for you to see - have a look at the large houseplants tab on the homepage of our website. We can even hire out some of our large and extra large plants if you need something for a special event or perhaps a photo shoot. If it’s a

houseplant gift you are looking for then we will include a handwritten card for your lucky recipient - and we’ll deliver to them without any paperwork so it’s a lovely surprise!

So come to Happy Houseplants for large houseplants, large indoor trees, larger leaf house plants and wonderful foliage house plants.

We really do try to have something for everyone - just contact us for advice on selection, placement and anything else - we’re always happy to help and we just want you to love your houseplants as

much as we do!

Please have a browse in our house plant shop for more plants and photos that will inspire your choice!

Mexican Fortune Tree or Pachira Aquatica

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