Our Favourite Christmas Plant Gifts

We are beginning the festive period where everyone is putting up their Christmas tree as Christmas Day emerges. Our homes are being filled with amazing decorations, lights, and fires to get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe you are considering a little change by adding some amazing Christmas house plants to your decorations or want to get into the spirit in the season of giving.

Christmas plants and flowers will no doubt add warm touches during the holiday season, and with the right care, these amazing houseplants will last long-term and not only for the short-term season. a great Christmas gift for friends, families or loved ones.


Many of us can feel confused which Christmas plants to choose and which ones are right for them. Whatever the reason, this article will sure help guide what houseplants are perfect for you Christmas decoration this year and many others to come. We have combined a list of eleven Christmas plant gifts.


Phalaenopsis Orchid

What an amazing houseplant! This stunning Phalaenopsis Orchid looks great during this time of year, and if given as a gift, offers some real festive cheer! The Phalaenopsis Orchid grows well indoors and have long-lasting flowers produced all year round. These are the one of the more popular indoor plants and for a good reason! The Phalaenopsis Orchid looks like it was flowering only yesterday in the jungle and adds a real sense of nature to our homes over this festive period. 

This house plant has relatively easy care, just spray the Phalaenopsis Orchid with water every three to six days, especially during the growing season of summer. We also sell our very own, handcrafted Tropical Plant Dew, ideal for Orchids.

If you’re giving this lovely White Phalaenopsis Orchid as a gift, we’ll deliver it along with a free handwritten card, just include the gift message at checkout and we will do the rest!

Anthurium (Flamingo Flower)

This very attractive Anthurium makes a super stylish present! It has a super tropical jungle vibe from its beautiful, distinct leaves. Commonly known as the Flamingo Flower, this houseplant really offers some holiday spirit, it is a real sunshine and humidity lover making it ideal for windowsills, shower rooms or kitchens. It has gorgeous, tangled roots, elongated and vibrant crimson spathes with its green leaves really shows off some Christmas vibe. 

The Anthurium Andraeanum is great for beginners, making it an ideal gift for those getting into houseplants. The Flamingo Flower likes bright but indirect sunlight and likes to be watered when the top couple inches of soil are dry to the touch. Caring for Anthuriums is easy with our guide here


Anthurium Lili

A new Anthurium on the market and it’s a special one. This Anthurium Lili has an abundance of slender, delicate pink flowers. It’s a fantastic foliage houseplant that will really scream character in any room it is in. Its stunning pink spathes and dark green will elevate the Christmas vibe in your home. Just like its older brother the Flamingo Flower, this Anthurium Lili likes to be in humidity also, a shower room or steamy kitchen will be perfect for it. This Anthurium Lili is great for beginners, an easy to care for plant that likes bright but indirect light.

Making a great houseplant gift for a really special person, these very attractive plants make super stylish presents! If you include a message at the basket stage of the checkout, we’ll enclose a free, handwritten card along with the houseplant. We’ll leave out the paperwork, too, so no price will be spotted!

Christmas Wreath

Luxury, elegance, and Christmas all scream out with this amazing Wreath. Our wreath is individually handmade by our florist in Hertfordshire from a sustainable source. A real foliage and decorated with a hand tied ribbon. The sprigs of holly, cone and berry clusters really give off the Christmas spirit and the orange slices, red and pink Hydrangea complete the traditional Christmas wreath look.

This beautiful handmade wreath works as a perfect gift for those celebrating their first Christmas in a newly bought home. To ensure this handmade wreath makes the perfect gift, each wreath is quality controlled and dressed to the highest standard and exclusive to Happy Houseplants.


Anthurium Scherzeria

The Anthurium Scherzeria ‘Christine’ is quiet an unusual and hard to find variety. It is a special Anthurium offering exquisite large and long-lasting flowers. A fantastic foliage houseplant, the Anthurium Scherzeria will look amazing in any room, and with its beautiful red and green foliage, this houseplant is sure to enhance the Christmas vibe in your home and an even better Christmas gift.

This Anthurium Scherzeria Christine has easy care and is suitable for beginners. It likes bright but indirect sunlight and wants to be watered when the top few inches of soil are dry to the touch.

Aglaonema Pink Star

We absolutely love the Aglaonema Pink Star. It is a gorgeous, rare plant that will thrive easily in your home. The Aglaonema Pink Star is a hard-to-find variety for its bright foliage and variegation. The Pink Star’s bright foliage gives off amazing Christmassy spirit, whilst having the ability to grow happily in the shade or indirect sunlight and handle neglect.

Tolerant of low light conditions and easy-care, they are perfect for Christmas houseplant gifts for the beginner but attractive collector plants for more experienced growers. As a special touch, if you’re buying a plant as a houseplant gift, we’ll add in a free, handwritten card. Just add your message at checkout and well do the rest!


Christmas Mini Spruce Set

Treat one of your friends, family or loved ones to the Christmas Mini Spruce Set this Christmas. This set includes a real Spruce and traditional Santa pot. This potted Spruce will truly add charm and a real Christmas Tree smell to any room it is in. These amazing plants also make a great garden tree if planted outdoors after the festive period.

Araucaria Heterophylla

This Araucaria Heterophylla also known as the Norfolk Island Pine is a beautiful indoor conifer. This houseplant really gives Christmas tree vibe! These plants make great gifts especially as they are not hard to look after, they thrive in a bright position with indirect light and with their soil being damp but not soggy, making them ideal for recipients with little to no experience with houseplants. We also recommend feeding this Norfolk Island Pine around once a month during spring and summer seasons with our vegan, organic plant food.

If you buy this Norfolk Island Pine as a gift, be sure to leave your special written message during the checkout to receive a free, handwritten card.

String of Hearts

Ceropegia Woodii also known as the String of Hearts, chain of hearts and rosary vine is an ideal houseplant for gifting to someone special, including yourself. It produces tiny purple flowers although, most keep this plant for its beautifully coloured leaves. These are cute small plants that are ready to hang, add to a shelf for a beautiful impact. This strong of hearts has pink/purple undersides of its heart shaped leaves, giving off the Christmas spirit. It has easy care which is great for beginners. We also have a video on caring for the string of hearts here for further guidance.

Ceropegia woodii would make a great houseplant gift for friends or family - surprise them with rainforest style!


Peace Lily

The Spathiphyllum or the Peace Lily is a wonderfully elegant large houseplant that brings calm to any space! This plant is popular for its luxuriant foliage and beautiful flowers that really compliment the colours of Christmas. This Spathiphyllum loves humid conditions making it perfect for a bathroom or steamy kitchen. This Peace Lily is a super style plant with delightfully large leaves and are incredibly easy to look after.

Position them in a semi-shaded position with indirect sunlight. Really a great houseplant for anyone looking to get started with their houseplant sanctuary.

We have many more guides, advice, and ideas to bring nature into your home on our blog page here. Additionally, head over to our Christmas page to view some amazing and popular Christmas houseplants or our plant gifts page as we approach the holiday season. Happy Houseplants, Creating Living Spaces.

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