Our Houseplant Studio at RHS Chelsea

In the heart of London, where the connoisseurs of horticulture gather, the 2022 Chelsea Flower Show witnessed a significant event in the history of Happy Houseplants; we emerged victorious with the prestigious Chelsea gold medal, solidifying our status as a purveyor of plant sophistication and houseplant style in the world of indoor gardening.

The RHS Chelsea Flower show is the highlight of the RHS calender each year. Since its formation in 1804, the RHS has grown into the UK's leading gardening charity, working to encourage and improve horticulture's science, art and practice.

Against the backdrop of the iconic RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Happy Houseplants presented an extraordinary collection that redefined the boundaries of botanical elegance. From the glorious rubber trees to the graceful monstera deliciosa, our exhibit showcased a meticulously curated array of indoor and outdoor wonders, capturing the attention of both houseplant enthusiasts and experts alike.

Central to our showcase was the innovative Houseplant Clinic, a collaborative effort that brought together independent businesses and social media influencers. This interactive space served as a nexus for plant lovers, fostering an exchange of knowledge on optimal care for beloved houseplants. Happy Houseplants' team of experts provided practical tips and troubleshooting insights and empowered visitors to cultivate their green companions confidently.

The curated ensemble of houseplants boasted an array that echoed the luxury of an indoor garden. The ZZ plant, fiddle leaf fig, and areca palm wove a tapestry of textures and shapes. In contrast, the distinguished Kentia palm exuded an air of sophistication, exemplifying the versatility of Happy Houseplants' offerings.

Beyond the confines of indoor allure, the exhibit seamlessly integrated outdoor flora, illustrating a harmonious synergy between interior and exterior greenery. This fusion underscored the adaptability of Happy Houseplants' selections, catering to a diverse spectrum of plant enthusiasts.

A visual spectacle that garnered significant attention was the inventive use of hanging plants, which injected a whimsical touch into the overall presentation. The giant hanging ferns, in particular, became the talk of the show, embodying the enchantment of a verdant oasis suspended in mid-air.

The commitment to infusing homes with a touch of the tropics was palpable by including vibrant and exotic tropical plants. These not only added visual allure but also contributed to the immersive atmosphere of the display.

Happy Houseplants did not merely present an array of plants; they emphasised the vital role of indoor plants in purifying air quality. The exhibit spotlighted plants such as Dieffenbachia and alocasia, underscoring a dedication to fostering healthier indoor environments. Visitors departed, enchanted by the visual spectacle and enlightened on the benefits of incorporating air-purifying plants into their living spaces.

The gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show is not just a triumph for Happy Houseplants; it symbolises a celebration of the beauty and vitality that carefully curated greenery brings into our lives. In the wake of this resounding success, the commitment remains unwavering to provide enthusiasts with the finest indoor and outdoor plant options.

The Chelsea victory underscores the timeless allure of houseplants and their transformative power in turning any space into a lush oasis. Happy Houseplants, based in picturesque Essex, has cultivated a deep connection with the natural environment through organic growth over six years.

As we approach this year Chelsea Flower Show, Happy Houseplants invites all to join in greening their surroundings, enhancing indoor gardens with tall house plants and indoor trees that seamlessly blend style and nature. Explore the joy of indoor living with Happy Houseplants, where nature thrives, and so do you.



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