Seven Unkillable Houseplants for Novices

Indoor plants have been surging in popularity for a long time now with no intention of slowing down. The health and aesthetic benefits of houseplants make people want to keep expanding their plant sanctuary, not to mention they are an easy and affordable solution to brightening up your home. Houseplants are great as they come in such varieties! Large and tall indoor plants to make an impact in the room, hanging plants to not sacrifice space, and small succulents to bundle along a windowsill. If you are considering houseplants, there is a plant for you!

At Happy Houseplants, we understand that houseplants can seem intimidating, especially if you have no experience with them or do not have a green thumb. Thoughts may be “I do not want to kill my house plant” or “I do not have the experience to make an indoor plant flourish”. We want to reassure you this article will give you the confidence not only to begin your houseplant journey, but to see what are the best unkillable houseplants for beginners, you can’t go wrong! In fact, it can be very satisfying watching your plant grow and flourish. Plants are a lot easier to care for than it may seem. Actually, the majority of indoor plant deaths are caused by over-care than neglecting.

Let’s jump into 7 unkillable houseplants for beginners!


Large Snake Plant This amazing houseplant also known as Mother-in-Laws Tongue or Sanseviera Laurentil is great for those seeking to start off their houseplant journey. This indoor plant is a species of flowering plant in the family of Asparagaceae, native to tropical West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo.
It also offers a wide range of health benefits such as removing air pollutants and reducing stress levels, whilst offering texture and style to any room interior. It makes a great beginners’ houseplants as its really easy to look after and thrives from neglect, a real forgiving houseplant. Water infrequently and place this houseplant in an area with plenty of light.
Zamioculcas ZamiifoliaWe love this wonderful palm-like houseplant! Commonly known as the ZZ Plant, this amazing indoor plant will give your home a real rainforest feel! With lush green branches that grow up to 3 feet long indoors, the ZZ plant would look amazing in any room.
Originating in central Africa, Zamioculcas, or the ZZ plant is very well adapted to coping with drought and it will tolerate neglect, so if you forget to water it, don’t worry! When watering, allow the top of the soil to completely dry between watering, which is around once a month. A really unfussy plant, it can cope in darker corners but prefers the bright light.
Golden Pothos This amazing, variegated vine is one of the most popular houseplants in the world and for a good reason! The Golden Pothos also known as the Devils Ivy or Epipremnum Aureum is very adaptable. You can have it climbing up a pole, trailing over the sides of a pot or draped from a shelf. Whatever your style, the Golden Pothos is here to accommodate. The best part is this houseplant is undemanding, making it really good if you are a beginner.
This Pothos has lovely variegation and beautiful glossy, large leaves of emerald green with cream flecks. It’s stunning and refreshing to look at and grows fast so it’s ideal if you want to cover a space in rainforest style. This houseplant likes to be in various positions, it enjoys bright light but tolerates shady ones too, ideal for living rooms, offices, and bedrooms.
Monstera Deliciosa We absolutely love the Monstera Deliciosa for its full shape and wonderful foliage. In fact, we love it so much the Monstera Deliciosa feature in our logo. It’s bold, full of character with fantastic, huge leaves giving off a real jungle vibe. It’s a classic 70s houseplant but it’s ever popular and never out of style - for good reason! We stock large Monsteras which can be hard to find as they grow very slowly so take a long time to reach this size.
This houseplant is fantastic for beginners because it’s an easy going, versatile houseplant that needs minimal attention and will reward you with something wonderful to look at. Water this plant when the top couple inches of the soil feel dry to the touch.
Peace LilyFor those with little experience with houseplants but seeking a plant with loads of character and elegance, look no further than the Spathiphyllum wallisii, commonly known as the Peace Lily. This indoor plant is a popular choice for a home office or bedroom being a luxuriant foliage plant whilst producing beautiful flowers in the right conditions.
Great for beginners as it is really easy to look after for something so exotic looking. Keep them in a semi-shaded position and you are on the right track. Many people make the false assumption that tropical plants such as the Peace Lily must like full sun, but that’s far from the truth. Forests and jungles provide a lot of shade so many plants prefer not to be in the full glare of the sun.
Air Plant – You don’t often see Tillandsia Xerographica, also known as the Air Plant for sale at this large size but it's a real gem. They are trendy and suitable for beginners for their easy to care for nature. This houseplant is quite cool and a real conversation starter as their name comes from the way they extract nutrition from the air and do not need soil. Originally this air plant is from dry forests and thorn scrub in Southern Mexico.
Despite their name, these plants do need water. Ideally place them in an environment with plenty of humidity such as a bathroom or steamy kitchen but also, they love a bright spot with plenty of indirect light, the brighter the light, the better. Just spray regularly with our tropical plant dew.

Ficus MicrocarpaThis lovely indoor tree also known as the Chinese Banyan. It is a beautiful, low maintenance houseplant, perfect for beginners wanting something a little bigger. Natively, the Ficus Microcarpa is from China through tropical Asia, distinguishable with its uniquely shaped roots.
It’s also very good value, quite a cheap houseplant that gives a lot of value back! Being a super easy going, versatile houseplant, this indoor tree is a no brainer for those seeking their first houseplant to make a larger impact. It enjoys lower light levels, being the easiest bonsai to grow, a North or West facing window is recommended. Watering the Ficus Microcarpa is also easy. The compost should be allowed to dry out slightly between watering, but the soil should stay moist.

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