The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Best Mother’s Day Plant Gifts

There is always so much going on throughout the world, but Mother’s Day allows us to take a step back and appreciate the big and little things that our mums do for us. The general gift for showing our mum appreciation is through flowers but, houseplants are the best gift alternative that will last all-year round. Love is not temporary so your gift shouldn’t be either.

Whether you are on a tight budget or want to treat your mum to something marvellous with stunning foliage and blooms, Happy Houseplants has you covered in this guide for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas – houseplant edition. What is best, if you are unable to see your mum this Mother’s Day, we can accommodate by sending those green beauties straight to your mum’s doorstep, accompanied with a free personalised handwritten card, just specify your message at the basket stage of delivery and we’ll do the rest!  We won’t give the game away with paperwork or prices either, so it’ll be a wonderful surprise!
No matter what you choose, we at Happy Houseplants are confident that she’ll love and cherish something from this amazing selection or from our amazing Mother’s Day collection on our website.

Why are Houseplants great Mother’s Day presents?

Houseplants have numerous reasons why they are great gift ideas all year round. The first reason is variety, variety, and more variety! From those hardy succulents to tropical, delicate floral beauties, there is always a houseplant gift for everyone. Another reason is we really want to show our appreciation to our Queens this Mother’s Day, a houseplant with the right care will last numerous years and not just days or weeks. A real symbol that love is infinite! Houseplants gifts come with other surprises too, for example many health benefits. They help improve air quality, improve our moods, add some biophilic design and calm to our homes as humans have the instinct to connect with nature. Indoor plants can really refresh an old room and renew the look and feel.

Our Best Mother’s Day Plant Gift Ideas!

This selection of houseplant gifts for Mother’s Day is sure to create many smiles and joy…


We love this Anthurium - it really has that tropical jungle with beautiful, distinct leaves. Their highly ornamental bracts are popular with florists the world over. An ideal low maintenance tropical plant for any space. Anthurium Andraeanum makes a great al houseplant with its gorgeous, elongated leaves and tangled roots.
We think this is a perfect Mother’s Day gift as the Flamingo Flower is typically grown for the cut flower market, where the unusually shaped leaves and flowers make a great contrast to the flowers in the bouquet, but here we are selling the plant which we think is beautiful in its own right.
What is even better is the Flamingo Flower is currently being sold with a Vibes pot with a choice of four stunning colours! It is a modern indoor plant pot with decorative pattern that fits into a cosy, harmonious, fashionable, friendly interior.


Another stunning houseplant that we absolutely love for its full shape and wonderful foliage! Tradescantia Nanouk is a species of spiderwort native to South America, also known as the Wandering Dude because it grows rapidly and will urban wild any space. The small leaves have a shiny appearance, the underside of a leaf is purple in colour and new leaves appear purple at first, then turn green.
Its stunning purple and green foliage will really attract attention and some style in any space it’s in. It looks beautiful in a hanging basket or container they grow and hang over the sides. It’s a classic 70s houseplant making a huge comeback - for good reason, its stunning easy-care nature makes it hard not to love and a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift that has a long lasting, stunning floral display look no further than the Hydrangea Crystal Palace. A new houseplant in our collection, the Hydrangea Crystal Palace is a beautiful houseplant with delicate, colourful blooms. What makes this houseplant so special is the colour on the Hydrangea are determined by the alkaline and pH levels in the soil. Hydrangeas tend to produce blue and pink blooms, but we have the best of the bunch! Some amazing white flowers that will make your mum feel extra special!


For those seeking a smaller houseplant with the same wow factor, the Oxalis Triangularis also known as the Purple Shamrock may be just for you. The rare and sought-after Oxalis Triangularis is low maintenance and beautifully decorative house plant with vivid purple leaves and bell-shaped flowers. Oxalis triangularis close their blooms and their leaves at night, then open wide to the morning light. 
A personal favourite of mine, the Purple Shamrock leaves resemble a purple butterfly and will be a Mother’s Day gift that won’t be forgotten.


For those looking for something smaller but with the same impact, the Peperomia Caperata ‘Rosso’ is perfect. Peperomia Caperata 'Rosso' also known as the Emerald Ripple Radiator Plant, is a unique and attractive flowering houseplant with striking red undersides and shiny green leaves. As this plant is a radiator houseplant, it can be grown in shadier spots making it a super easy to care for plant, perfect for mums that don’t have the greenest of thumbs.


If smaller houseplants aren’t quiet your style, the bigger Aglomorpha Coronans also known as the Snake Leaf Fern will live up to your style. We love this because it conjures up images of the lush rainforest floor. Aglomorpha Coronans in our view is the prettiest of all the indoor ferns, with glossy large leaves and classically shaped leaves. These are relatively slow growers, so we only sell the large mature form which shows the fern in all its glory. 
Additionally, the Snake Leaf Fern comes with a free Tembesi Etched Planter! The etched pattern on these striking black Tembesi Planters is handcrafted. The contrast of black exterior and warm antique brass interior creates an eye-catching effect and a stylish backdrop for plants.


We love this amazingly striking variegated house plant! The Rattlesnake plant - Calathea Lancifolia - has fresh green leaves with darker green stripes and burgundy colouring on the underside. Called the Rattlesnake plant because of the markings on the leaves which look a bit like the patterns on a rattlesnake’s skin - it’s stunning to have in your home and will be loved on Mother’s Day as the perfect gift!
As with our other houseplants, the Rattlesnake plant comes with the super-stylish vibes pot with a choice of colours.


The Syngonium also known as the Tri-Leaf Wonder has wonderfully shaped green leaves that open out into wide paddle-shaped star-shaped leaves. It’s a really interesting houseplant that will grow as a hanging plant or a climber and want to spread out and grow in all directions. It’s a perfect gift for Mother’s Day if you want to create a jungle vibe to any room or space quickly. The Tri-leaf Wonder throws out delicate looking stems with beautiful, broad shaped leaves that can be trained to grow in any space.
These plants aren’t hard to look after, they will thrive in the shade which makes them ideal if mum has no experience of looking after houseplants. It also means they aren’t hard to situate in homes, they will love any corner of any room really, in the sun or in the shade.

We hoped you liked reading our Mothers Day gift ideas guide, almost think outside the box and see how amazing a houseplant gift can be! To find more perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, head over to our range of beautiful houseplants with pot and a handwritten note for that extra special touch in our Mother’s Day collection.

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