Wow! This little vine is stunning!


Aeschynanthus is a beautiful small hanging houseplant with stunning, glossy green, oval shaped leaves that have wonderful purple coloured varigation on the underside. 


The reason it’s called Zebra Vine is that the purple underneath the leaves can look a bit like the stripes on a zebra! It can also produce flowers, which are orange/red - if kept in bright, indirect light, it will not flower in medium light.


It’s native to Thailand and Malaysia where it lives in a rainforest habitat.  It’s an epiphyte, living on the branches of trees, and gets its nutrition from its leaves.


Being a jungle inhabitant in the wild, it likes a humid atmosphere in the home, so a steamy bathroom or kitchen is ideal! Get that jungle feeling in your shower room with this houseplant!


It isn’t hungry for attention so it’s a houseplant that’s suitable for beginners, just remember to mist regularly in a warm room. In the rainforest the air is humid so you can replicate this environment with warmth and a mist spray - well it’s as close to the jungle as you’ll get in a house in the UK, unless you have a proper hot house! Vine houseplants tend to be fast growers, so give it some room to spread out!


Why not buy the Zebra Basket vine as an indoor plant gift? We’ll include a card with the delivery - free and handwritten! You just need to leave your gift message at the basket stage of checkout and we’ll arrange the rest. No paperwork either to give the game away!


Zebra vine care level

Easy care, suitable for beginners.


Where should I put this plant?

To be a happy houseplant please give this plant bright but indirect light, somewhere fairly humid. It needs to be kept above 13 degrees. An East or West facing window would be perfect for this plant.


How should I water this houseplant?

Only water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry, then water at the base of the plant. It doesn’t like to be completely dry in the summer - so if the top 2 inches get dry then it’s time to water.


Does this plant need feeding?

You can feed this hanging plant once every two months in Spring and Summer - this is the time it will put on growth so feeding gives it that extra boost. You can buy a vegan, organic plant food from us! 


What size is this plant?

14cm pot.


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