Alocasia Pink Dragon makes a wonderful easy-care houseplant. we love its elegant beauty and gorgeous colouration. 


Alocasia Pink Dragon is a tropical foliage plant with glossy dark green leaves and deep veins that look like a dragon’s scale.  The stems are a beautiofulk pink and the undersides of the leaves burgundy, a wonderful ornamental addition to any houseplant collection.


The Pink Dragon likes bright, filtered light, away from direct sun. The leaves are prone to getting sunburnt and will start to look dull if exposed to the sun. Coming from a tropical environment, these Alocasias like humidity, sit on a tray of pebbles topped up with water to boost the level of moisture in the air. Keep the leaves dust free and mist it every once in a while.


Alocasia pink dragon makes a fantastic indoor plant gift. We’ll make it even more special by including a free, handwritten card with your order. All you have to do is note your message at the basket stage of delivery and we’ll take care of it for you. No giveaway paperwork either!


Alocasia plant care level

These plants are not tricky to manage so are recommended if you have just a little experience of houseplants but you must be confident that you won't under or overwater and you have access to good light.


Where should I put this plant?

Alocasias like bright Indirect light, west facing windows are best.


How should I water this plant?

This Alocasia likes to be watered only when the top 2 inches of soil are dry to the touch. During the summer months, you need to water regularly. 


Should I feed this houseplant?

Alocasia Pink Dragon can be given a liquid feed once a month during the spring and summer months. Have a look at our vegan, organic plant food! (link)


Is this houseplant suitable if I have pets?

Alocasia pink dragin is considered toxic. 


What size is this plant?

W12cm x H30cm 


If you would like more information on caring for houseplants, please have a look at our video here


Alocasia Calidora - Pink Dragon *rare*