We adore the pure class of this stunning palm!


You probably recognise this palm even if you don’t know the name!  It’s well loved, graceful and elegant - think 1920s hotel, mirrors and dinner jackets!  


It will give your home that sophisticated feel, like walking into a movie set! Palm house plants are always popular and the Areca Palm is no exception.


As an extra benefit, not only is this plant shouting style, it’s also one of the best houseplants for purifying the air according to a study by Nasa.


It’s also suitable if you have cats and dogs as it’s non toxic which is unusual in a houseplant.


Attractive, plentiful fronds sprout from bamboo stems to make the Areca palm a wonderful centrepiece for a room, to give it that high society feel.


Areca palm hails from tropical and sub tropical regions but can also be found as close to home as the South of France! 


We absolutely love the pure showbiz look of this palm, it’s brings immediate impact to a room and gives it that glitz and glamour - the perfect accessory to your home!


Our plant comes in various sizes to suit your room: 


120cm tall, pot width 24cm

150cm tall, pot width 24cm

160cm tall, pot width 24cm

200cm tall, pot width 40cm

250cm tall,  pot width 55cm


It can ultimately grow to around 7 ft tall in the house.


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Where should I put this plant?

Areca palm likes lots of light but not direct sun, it loves humidity although it will tolerate cooler temperatures than some houseplants.


How much water does it need?

This plant should be kept a little moist, water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry, less in winter.


Is this plant suitable if I have pets?

Areca palm is usually suitable if you have pets but we can’t guarantee that it will be fine for every pet.


Does this plant need feeding?
Yes, just feed with a liquid feed once during the summer months. Try our vegan, organic plant food!


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For general advice on houseplant care, we’ve made a little video, you can see it here. 

Dypsis Lutescen - Areca Palm

Size Of Plant