Wow! Such a beautiful plant! We absolutely love the full shape and wonderful foliage on this houseplant! The Mexican Fortune Tree is also known as the Money Tree or Malabar Chestnut, it is an unusual houseplant with gorgeous green foliage. 


We have some of the finest quality Fortune Trees with us at Happy Houseplants because our clients love them for our interior design jobs! 


The most obvious feature of this stunning plant is its braided trunk. We only sell the large form, which we think looks gorgeous and creates instant impact. This plant makes for the perfect conversation piece or theme setter in any home.


This plant likes bright light, regular watering and feeding during the summer and with a bit of care and attention, you will be rewarded with a beautiful and unusual houseplant.


This plant is only suitable for hand delivery, please check our delivery area, the stems break so eaily the smaller size is not suitable to send in a box.


If you decide to give this interesting houseplant as a gift, we can include a free, handwritten card - just specify your message at the basket stage of delivery and we’ll do the rest!  We won’t give the game away with paperwork or prices either so it’ll be a wonderful surprise!


It’s an easy-going, versatile houseplant that needs minimal attention and will reward you with something wonderful to look at, so it’s not a difficult plant if you don’t know much about caring for houseplants.  Looking to buy online houseplants? Look no further than Happy Houseplants! We sell the best houseplants for indoor plant delivery.


Pachira care

Monstera is easy to care for, suitable for beginners.


How should I water this Pachira Aquatica?

Water when the top few inches of soil feel dry to the touch, soak through and leave until dry again. Be careful to make sure that the plant isn’t left sitting in water as it won’t like that!