We loves the holes in the leaves of this Monstera, such a super stylish statement plant!


Part of the Monstera family, the Monstera Obliqua - or Monkey Mask plant - is a really stunning looking houseplant - its emerald green leaves are full of holes! Usually Monstera have splits along the leaves but the Monkey Monstera has holes through the leaves, which give it that classic ‘nibbled’ look.


A really interesting houseplant to look at, the Monstera Monkey Leaf originates in the jungles of South and Central America, so when you are thinking about Monstera Monkey Mask care, think of the climate and conditions in the rainforest. Humidity is high, rainfall is occasional and heavy, light is bright but usually shaded by taller trees.  You can replicate these conditions in a steamy kitchen or bathroom at home, and even in a warm living room!


The Monstera Monkey Mask can be trained to climb up a pole indoors, or it can be left so that the leaves grow and spill over the sides of a pot.

We love terracotta pots or our own seagrass planters!


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