Strelizia Nicolai really brings the jungle to your home!


With its glossy, verdant large leaves stretching upwards, this White Bird of Paradise really brings the tropical rainforest to your living rooms.  Its lush looks and fresh feel makes you think of hot, humid days and nights in exotic locations.


It’s originally from South Africa but we have it here in our wonderful house plant shop so that you can bring that tropical style to your living spaces! It allows its leaves to split to let light get to the base.


We know you want beautiful houseplants online and we think this Strelizia will really add class and style to any home.  You may even get flowers on your White Bird of Paradise - you need to wait a couple of years before flowers are produced.


This Strelizia makes a stunning part of any houseplant collection - or it may be the only one you have! In any case it will bring you pleasure every time you look at it - houseplants are also good for mental health!


If you want to give this amazing plant as a houseplant gift, we’ll add a free, handwritten card. Just leave your message at the basket stage of checkout and we’ll sort it out!


Strelizia care level

Easy care, suitable for beginners.


Where should I put it?

Somewhere with lots of bright, indirect light!


How should I water it?

You need to water this houseplant only when the top layer of soil is dry to the touch. Make sure it isn’t sitting in a saucer of water!


Does it need feeding?

You can feed a couple of times during spring and summer - try our vegan, organic plant food!


Is it suitable if I have pets?

It can be toxic to pets if eaten.


What size is it?

150cm tall 35cm wide pot - we do a range of wonderful seagrass planters - why not have a look?


If you’d like to know more about how to look after houseplants, why not have a look at our video?


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Strelitzia Nicolai - multiple stem