Plant Food & Tropical Dew Spray Gift Set
Plant Food & Tropical Dew Spray Gift Set
Plant Food & Tropical Dew Spray Gift Set
Plant Food & Tropical Dew Spray Gift Set
Plant Food & Tropical Dew Spray Gift Set
Plant Food & Tropical Dew Spray Gift Set

Plant Food & Tropical Dew Spray Gift Set

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Welcome to Happy Houseplants, where you'll find the best houseplant food in the UK! When it came to developing our original Happy Houseplants’ Organic Tropical Plant Food and Dew, we decided not to tinker with it too much, so you'll find no chemical supplements in this 100% cruelty-free vegan Gift Set. Our Organic Tropical Plant Food and Dew Gift Sets are the perfect indoor houseplant food for plant lovers who seek natural and organic solutions to care for their green companions.

Seaweed, harvested sustainably, is its secret sauce with a delicate blend of growth hormones and micronutrients perfect for houseplants.

We take pride in offering the finest liquid houseplant food, crafted from sustainably harvested seaweed, making it an ideal organic houseplant food choice. This vegan-friendly option ensures your houseplants receive the essential nutrients they need to thrive and stay healthy all year round.

Wondering how to use houseplant food to its fullest potential? Look no further! With our Original Organic Plant Food, it's as easy as shake, mix, and apply. Just shake the 250ml recyclable bottle well, mix three pumps into a litre of warm water, and gently apply at the base of your houseplants every other time you water them. It's a foolproof way to provide your plants with the nourishment they crave.

And that's not all! Our Tropical Plant Dew is a gift in itself, offering a delightful mist of natural goodness. Shake the 250ml recyclable bottle well and gently spray your plants, enveloping them in a rich tropical mist that recreates their native environment. It's like a romantic houseplant gift that shows your plants some tender love and care.

Speaking of houseplant gifts, our Organic Tropical Plant Food and Dew Gift Sets make the perfect housewarming or Christmas houseplant gift for any plant enthusiast. When it comes to houseplant gifts for delivery, our exclusive sets are the ultimate choice. Your loved ones will be delighted by the thoughtful and sustainable care that comes with each set.

So why wait? Show your green companions some love with our premium organic houseplant food. Order your Happy Houseplants Organic Tropical Plant Food and Dew Gift Set today, and let your houseplants experience the magic of nature's touch!

Why Feed Houseplants?

Houseplants need feeding and watering, often surviving without nutrients in the soil for several months. Eventually, the plant will exhaust the soil and become weaker and more susceptible to disease and parasites. Feeding your plant during the summer months, March to September, will ensure it remains healthy and has all the nutrients it needs to grow well. 

How to use our Original Organic Plant Food?

Feed during the growing season, which runs from March to September in the UK. Every other time you water your indoor plants, shake the bottle well, mix three pumps into a litre of warm water and apply at the plant's base.

When you water your houseplants, take special care not to overwater, the soil should become dry between waterings so the roots can breathe. 

So why Tropical Plant Dew?

Many Houseplants, such as Ferns, Bromeliads, Orchids, Rhipsalis, and Tillandsia, are native to warm and humid countries and grow as epiphytes. An epiphyte is an organism that grows on the surface of another plant and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, water or debris accumulating around it. 

Happy Houseplants’ Organic Tropical Plant Dew recreates the plant's natural environment, increases the humidity, and provides the plants with nutrients to grow and thrive indoors. 

How to Use Our Tropical Dew?

Your plants will benefit from our organic Plant Dew throughout the year. To use, shake the bottle well and gently spray your plants until you envelop your plants in a rich Tropical mist covering all the leaves. Avoid drenching your plants which will encourage leaf rot. 

Tropical Spray is supplied in a 250ml Recyclable Bottle with Atomiser Spray. For use on all Houseplants and Succulents except hairy-leaved plants, such as the African Violet. 

Organic Plant Food is supplied in a 250ml Recyclable Bottle with a Pump. Suitable for all houseplants and succulents.

Shipping: We ship via DPD’s 24-hour tracked carbon neutral service. 

Delivery times are 7-10 working days, but are usually much quicker. More details can be found here

We post all our plants to most of the UK, with the exceptions of the Islands of Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of White, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands due to the high cost of shipping.

Measurements: The plant heights provided encompass the plant stem and the foliage length, along with the depth of the grow pot, which includes the living root system, and not just the portion of the plant that is visible above the soil level.

Although we strive to provide plants within the specified size range, there may be some instances where the plants supplied could be slightly smaller or larger than the size selected.

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