Amazing Bathroom Plant Ideas

After the chaos of the last few years, it’s fair to say we’re all feeling a little shell-shocked. No better time to embrace the very latest wellness trend: Indoor Forest Bathing and create your own tropical oasis.

Rooted in the ethos of The Japanese practice of ‘shinrin yoku’, Indoor Forest Bathing couples natural elements such as water and plants with mindful breathing, whilst imbibing natural nutritious juices at set times throughout, all designed to soothe and nurture the gut.

Forget traipsing around in freezing cold woodland. This is all about taking the physical and mental benefits of forest bathing (reduced stress, boosted wellbeing and happiness) – and bringing them inside the home. For a more Spa-Like Experience our bathroom collection has the best plants: low-maintenance, humidity-loving plants that will bring bath time to a whole new level.

Styling. bathroom, with humid loving plants is a simple way to soften a space, and warm up a cold bathroom on a winter day. Through well chosen plants in the summer you can enjoy fragrances and flowers to take you to the tropics, its such a simple way to create your own little space of calm and happiness.

These are some of the best houseplants to place in your bathroom, just choose the right varieties for your space, and these humidity-loving plants will be content.

Not everyone has a bright and large bathroom so choosing an indoor plant ideal for your space can be a difficult. Likewise, for the less experienced plant parent choosing houseplants can sometimes be difficult. Knowing which indoor plants will thrive in your bathroom can be confusing and the end results sometimes be tragic! Our top tips to help you choose:

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