Happy National Houseplant Week

We are celebrating National Houseplant Week, which runs every year during the second week in January, because plants are incredible and bring so much joy to so many people. Share your favourite photos with #HouseplantWeekUK

If you have the post Christmas blues or feeling low, houseplants week is is the perfect chance to freshen up your homes with a beautiful houseplants. Houseplants ca be enjoyed all year so are the sustainable choice.  

Why not gift a houseplant to someone special, including yourself! houseplant week is the perfect excuse each January.

houseplant week UK

Houseplants can enhance any space; if you are tired of the same view or working on a tight budget, houseplants are the go-to for a quick and easy update. Plants are a beautiful way to style up your living space.

Studies also show houseplants boost moods, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants, making you healthier and happier.

Why Indoor Plants Make You Feel Better
Plants make us Happier and more content; a walk in the countryside can profoundly affect our mood, and bringing some of the outdoors in can have the same effect when you are feeling low - nature helps nurture.
Why do plants help us so much? One theory is our need to connect with plants, pets and people is part of our primary need to stay healthy. As most of us now live in urban spaces surrounded by concrete and metal, we try to recreate that connection by bringing nature into our homes, houseplants and pets. Bringing plants indoors meets one of our basic needs to connect.
An indoor garden can be your perfect sanctuary from the outside world and is a source of great joy for many people. That's worth celebrating this week.

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