How to be a Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Expert

The Fiddle Leaf Fig also referred to as Ficus Lyrata, Fig Leaf or Fig Tree is a houseplant that is highly regarded from indoor plant enthusiasts to your average, a plant that definitely will not be going anywhere anytime soon! This amazing indoor tree is known for its fiddle-shaped leaves with upright veins in their leaves. It is a houseplant that requires attention (more than other plants) so we recommend you have prior houseplant experience as you will need to have the time to tend to its needs. However, this article will give you all the essential information to cater to its demands and make your Fiddle Leaf Fig thrive, even if you have a black thumb!

The FiddleLeafFig has remained popular, it is easy to imagine that you know everything that you need to know about this finicky tropical jungle plant but, fiddle-leaves are a lot bigger than they seem. You could say they hold strong opinions about this world. You can read on and find out what they like or dislike.

Where Should I Place My Fiddle Leaf Fig?

You have finally given in and purchased your beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig, congratulations! It is now super important to identify where to place it in your home in order for it to thrive for years to come. For this, we need to understand the origins of the amazing indoor tree. Natively, the Fiddle Leaf Fig comes from the rainforests in central and western Africa. Our job is to replicate the conditions, so it doesn’t miss home and flourishes. The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree wants a warm but humid environment with plenty of bright, indirect sunlight. We recommend strongly to place your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree away from any vents or close to windows, especially during winter months because of draughts. Instead place this amazing indoor tree close to southern or western facing window.


The key to success of this amazing indoor tree is the ability to assess the Fiddle Leaf Fig’s watering needs. On average your Fig Leaf tree will need watering about every 9-10 days on average. We always recommend however to check the soils moisture level before watering your houseplant to ensure you do not overwater it. This can be done by sticking your finger in the soil of your indoor tree and if the top few inches of soil are moist still, it does not require watering. Another key to success is ensuring the soil of your Fiddle Leaf Fig is aerated prior to watering. This is done to ensure the water is helped when draining, allowing the soil to breathe properly and allow moisture and humidity to be excreted. A good tool I like to use is a soil moisture meter, it will help you understand the Fiddle Leaf Fig’s watering schedule. The soil of the Fig Leaf tree enjoys constantly, even moist soil levels with very brief dry periods between waterings. 

In the long run, we highly suggest potting the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree as this is such as challenging houseplant, it will be difficult to maintain in a nursery pot. Pot this amazing Leaf Fig Tree in a planter with plenty of soil and most importantly, ensure that the pot you use has plenty of drainage. This is to ensure water does not build up at the base of the pot and create root rot.


FAQ About Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree:

What should I do if my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree has brown spots?

The most common mistake we see is people that overwater their houseplants. Many people that start their plant sanctuary think they may not have the knack for caring for their green friends and do not realise that they may be showing them too much attention! This is no different for the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. These indoor trees prefer to dry out ever so slightly between waterings, and an important tip is to ensure that they love moist soil and not soggy.

Secondly, many people make the mistake of not giving their Fiddle Leaf Fig enough light. This indoor tree needs plenty of sunlight. If it does not receive enough light for photosynthesis, the leaves will begin to shed and darken. We recommend placing this plant near a window without a draught. 

How often should I Fertilise the Fiddle Leaf Fig?

When buying your Fiddle Leaf Fig, in most cases, it will have an organic potting mix with slow releasing fertiliser in the soil. This means that the Fiddle Leaf Fig will not need fertilising in 6 months of having it. The perfect time to fertilise plants are during their growing season.

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