Pet Friendly Houseplants

If you love your dogs - or cats - and you love houseplants, you’ll want to make sure that the two can live together in harmony! You may have heard - or noticed - that houseplants are often toxic to animals. You don’t want your pets to be sick from nibbling on your fabulous rainforest plants, so we’ve chosen a selection of

wonderful pet friendly houseplants that you can be sure won’t harm your beloved animals!
You can certainly still enjoy some fantastic houseplants if you have pets - large indoor house plants, trailing house plants, succulents and smaller house plants! At Happy Houseplants we love animals and we are always ready to offer advice and tips either on ordering house plants online or on houseplant care and selection. We have dogs at home so we’re really aware of the concerns you might have!

One of our favourite large, pet friendly house plants is the classic Kentia Palm. Elegant and graceful, this stunning palm gained popularity in Victorian times, when no drawing room or parlour was complete without a tall Kentia Palm spreading its fashionable, spear shaped leaves amongst the furniture, the perfect foil for tea parties and cosy suppers with guests. Queen Victoria even insisted upon Kentia Palms around her coffin when she died, showing how much she loved them. They were a standout Victorian status symbol that are still very popular now - they never lose their appeal and charm.

Kentia Palm

You’ll spot Kentia Palm on period dramas amongst the swishing crinolines and skirts of Victorian costumes - or in Art Deco style hotels in London - famously the Palm Court, where you will see Kentia Palms in truly opulent surroundings, gracing wedding receptions and afternoon teas! Kentia Palms or Howea Forsteriana originally came from Lord Howe Island, a tiny island off the east coast of Australia, they are also sometimes known as Paradise Palms. The Victorians, great travellers, were fond of grand tours and voyages of botanical discovery, and in the 1870s they found these palms and brought them back to the UK. The houseplant revolution started with them!

In your home, Kentia palm care is fantastically easy. They are very tolerant of most light conditions - they like bright indirect light, but can cope well with poor light. They won’t like being put in direct sun for long so possibly corridors, hallways, bedrooms and sitting rooms are ideal. They are also popular as office plants - they do take a long time to grow but can reach almost 2 metres inside if well looked after.

Palms, like most houseplants, like humidity and you can recreate this in the home by keeping in a warm room and regularly misting the leaves. Only water when the soil feels dry to the touch - delve down a couple of inches and if you feel that the top couple of inches are dry then it’s time to water! Soak through and allow to drain, then pour away the drained water so the plant isn’t sitting in any of it.

With a feed once a month during spring and summer - try our vegan, organic plant food - this is all you need to do to keep your Kentia plan in tip top condition and have a truly show stopping pet friendly palm gracing your rooms at home or in the office!

If you like Kentia palms you might also find inspiration in the Areca Palm - Dypsis Lutescens - another real style plant that has a slightly different look - long stems grow upwards and arch to drape themselves languorously from the top.

Areca Palm

A beautiful bright green, Areca Palm is also pet friendly and has very similar care needs to Kentia Palm. It’s also easy going and will be amazing in a bright room but will also cope well with lower light, so as long as it’s not in

the full glare of the sun it’ll be happy. Both of these palms would also make amazing house plant gifts - who wouldn’t love one of these elegant plants as an indoor plant gift? With the addition of a free, handwritten card - we give this as part of any houseplant gift - it’ll be a wonderful surprise for a lucky person!

If you prefer a trailing house plant then we have a really interesting houseplant that you’ll love if you like succulents - and it’s pet friendly! It’s called Sedum Burrito or Borrow’s Tail, the Latin name being Sedum Morganianum. As you might guess from the name, it’s originally from Mexico and Honduras and it really does have a totally tropical look! If you are familiar with succulents, they are especially good at coping with very dry conditions and have evolved to have foliage that is able to store water. This can make for some unusual looking forms and Sedum Burrito really does look as though it’s composed of little animals’ tails springing from the pot.

Sedum burrito

The fresh green foliage of this fascinating succulent makes this plant perfect as a style plant and wonderful as a house plant gift! It’s really happy in full sun so a sunny windowsill or sun filled kitchen is perfect. It’s often tricky to find plants that like full sun inside the house - a lot of houseplants prefer partial shade - so this one is a winner for that sunny position. We have both a small Sedum Burrito and a large one to choose from so we have something for any spot really - whether you want big impact or something to brighten up that empty windowsill, Happy Houseplants is the place to come to buy indoor plants!

Another Victorian favourite that is also pet friendly - Victorians loved their dogs too! - is the Aspidistra Elatior. This big leaved house plant might look familiar to you - it’s a popular houseplant known for its elegance, smooth style and ability to put up with almost any environment! It likes most conditions except full sun. More mature plants will product Aspidistra flowers in the right conditions.

Aspidistra Elastior

Aspidistra Elatior is also known as the Bar Room Plant or Cast Iron plant - because in the bars of South America it’s often seen putting up with the most dingy of rooms with really bad air quality! Like most houseplants it’s good at cleaning the air, so good for health too! We do also have a lime striped Aspidistra Elatior Asahi which is

a wonderful variegated houseplant - with lime stripes on the large leaves. It’s a more rare houseplant and really beautiful if you

manage to get one! The name Iron plant comes from its ability to withstand neglect and barren conditions. The large, sculptural leaves are the most striking feature of this standout style plant and it looks really stunning placed on top of a table or dresser, perhaps with a mirror behind it. Great for hallways or corridors, bedrooms or kitchens, this great foliage house plant will be fine in low light or brighter light, or a mixture of both. Regular misting will be a bonus, it’s really easy to look after. Plus your pets will be safe around it too! So if the cat decides to lick it or the dog chews a leaf you don’t need to worry!

Pilea Peperomoides or the Chinese Money Plant is the must have plant of the moment! It’s got a really unique shape that exudes style - little circular leaves balance on stems that sprout upwards from the base of the plant and hang as though almost suspended! A little like lillypads floating in the air! We have a small and a larger version of this plant - the large Pilea Peperomoides is really stunning in a brass pot antique terracotta pot. We also have a range of seagrass planters that can add a touch of style to any larger houseplant.

Pilea Peperomoides

Chinese Money Plants are so named because they are supposed to bring luck and money to the owner - so who could fail to be delighted by getting one of these as a houseplant gift! So refreshing to look at and a wonderful part of any forest bathing experience too - relax and feel the stresses of daily life slip away as you absorb the mental health benefits of your houseplants!

These are just a few of our pet friendly houseplants - we have a wonderful selection if you look on our pet safe tab. So you can have the benefits of houseplants and enjoy your pets! Both will bring you better mental health and physical wellbeing and both bring joy and happiness!

Enhance your everyday life today with our houseplants - come to Happy Houseplants, the best place to buy houseplants in London and the Home Counties. Whether it’s indoor trees, foliage houseplants, big statement plants or house plant gifts we have it all. We’re the place to come to for indoor plant delivery. We even do special occasion plant hire - come to us for friendly advice and personal service - we’re the best boutique online plant delivery shop around!

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