Small Blechnum Gibbum (Silver Lady)
Small Blechnum Gibbum (Silver Lady)
Small Blechnum Gibbum (Silver Lady)
Small Blechnum Gibbum (Silver Lady)
Small Blechnum Gibbum (Silver Lady)

Small Blechnum Gibbum (Silver Lady)

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The Blechnum is a beautiful species of fern native to tropical areas, where they grow in humid, cool conditions with indirect light. Blechnum gibbum will form a trunk with age. The palm-like fronds will form a crown about three feet across in time creating a beautiful tropical-looking plant.

Here at Happy Houseplants, we love bringing you rare and unusual indoor plants that will add style and interest to your living spaces, it is not often you see Ferns this Big and beautiful! 

Put your Fern into a hanging pot or it can look great on a pedestal - choose a pot that is wide but quite shallow to suit the shape of this fern. 

Care guide

This is an easy-care plant, suitable for beginners. If your plant begins to look brown along the leaf margins, it's likely suffering from a lack of humidity. Try to increase the humidity.

Where should this plant go?

This plant likes bright, indirect light, a few hours of the morning sun. Place on a North or East window in a humid room.

How much should I water it?

Keep the soil moist (not soggy) This plant also likes regular misting. For extra humidity sit your fern’s pot on a tray of pebbles filled with water

Does it require feeding?

Give it a feed every two weeks or so in Spring and Summer.

Is it suitable if I have pets?

This plant is non-toxic to humans and pets.

What size is this plant?

Size  W14cm x H 35cm

If you would like more information on caring for houseplants, please have a look at our video here

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

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We hand deliver our large plants in this area using our own vans and specialist plant team. 

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