We really love this foliage houseplant - it’s fabulous!


Elephant’s Ear plant, or Elephant plant is an enormous structural plant that will certainly make you feel as though you’ve just stepped into the rainforest!


The Alocasia plant has huge emerald green leaves with wonderfully scalloped edges, sprouting from thick stalks - almost like a gigantic rhubarb plant!  It would look fabulous in the corner of a sitting room or hall, a touch of the exotic in your home!


Portodora will need a really bright spot, and love humidity, he will need to sit in a south facing window in the winter and near a north facing window in the summer. 


Why not place Elephant’s Ear plant near a window with some other Happy Houseplants at his feet.  He can even provide some shade for them! You will have a mini rainforest in your living room……


If someone is lucky enough to be receiving this houseplant as a gift, we can include a free handwritten card with the delivery. Just include your gift message at the basket stage of checkout - we won’t enclose paperwork with the delivery to keep the price secret!


Alocasia care level

Elephant ear houseplant isn’t for beginners, it requires a little more care. You should dust and mist if possible.


Where should I put this houseplant?

This plant likes a bright spot, sun in the morning and evening but cannot take full midday sun.


How should I water this plant?

This large houseplant needs to be kept reasonably moist - the best advice is to soak through then allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry, then water again.


Should I feed this plant?

Alocasia elephant ear likes to be fed once a month in spring and summer. We sell our own vegan, organic plant food.


What size is this houseplant?

W35cm x H120cm  - Why not try one of our stylish seagrass planters?


For general houseplant care, take a look at our video!


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Alocasia Portodora - Elephant ear