The Cast Iron Plant is native to China and Japan, it belongs to the lily family and was once a very popular houseplant in Victorian times.


This plant is pretty much indestructable, it can deal with poor light, warm and cold temperatures and poor air quality, hence it is often to be found in dark corners of pubs and bars.


The large paddle shaped leaves are often a dark shade of green and growing slowly it produces only a few new leaves a year, the benefit of this is that it wont outgrow the space you have chosen for it. this is a very slow growing plant, and very hard to find in this large size. 



80cm tall, pot size 17cm 



Tolerant of all light conditions except direct sunlight 



Let the soil dry between waterings, this plant can handle sporadic watering, it will need mlore in the growing season and less if you keep it in a cool, shady part of the house. 



The Cast Iron plant doesn't like it when you disturb its roots so repot only after a few years, too much repotting could kill it.



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Aspidistra Elatior / Cast Iron Plant

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