The Cissus Rotundifolia is a very beautiful climbing plant which is very rarely found for sale in then UK in this size and form. The round leaves shine and look leathery a little bit like a Pilea or Chinese money plant. Little care is needed due to the wax layer on the leaves that retain moisture. This is a perfect beginners plant that will cope with with a little bit of neglect and thrive with just a little bit of care. 


The following growing conditions will keep your Cissus looking their best.


  • Light: Generally low-light vines that will thrive in an east-facing window. They can also be grown well under lights.
  • Water: During the growing season, provide steady water to keep the soil constantly moist. Back off on watering in the winter and allow the soil to partially dry.
  • Soil: A standard well-drained potting soil mix should work.
  • Fertilizer: Feed during the growing season with a weak liquid fertilizer, reducing both water and fertilizer during the winter months but not enough to completely stop growth.


120cm tall, pot width 24cm

160cm tall, pot width 27cm 


Cissus rotundifolia

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