We love this lesser known cousin of the popular Fiddle Leaf Fig!


Most people have heard of the Fiddle Leaf Fig - well, Ficus Umbellata is a slightly less well known relative of this large houseplant, but it’s equally attractive and even more exclusive!


Originating in Africa but very popular in Japanese culture, this fig has an elegant, tall stems and huge emerald green leaves that are gloriously shiny.  It’s a little different from the Fiddle Leaf Fig but nevertheless a very interesting houseplant for any collection - particularly if you like to collect from the Ficus (Fig) family of large houseplants.


This Fig looks wonderful in any room - classic and bold, it’s an eye catching statement plant.  Typical of rainforest plants, it loves humidity so a steamy kitchen or bathroom would be ideal - a bit like the tropical surroundings it would be used to in its natural habitat.


This could be the houseplant for you if you’re looking for large indoor plants - it’s really fabulous in looks and easygoing to care for.


You could be really bold and give this Fig as a generous gift - we’ll include a free, handwritten card with your delivery - just add your gift message at the basket stage of checkout and we’ll sort it out for you. We’ll leave out the paperwork so that won’t spoil the surprise!


Ficus Umbellata care

These houseplants are fairly easy to care for, so suitable for beginners.


Where should I put it?

This Ficus likes plenty of bright light but not direct sunlight which can cause the leaves to burn.


How should I water it?

As with other large houseplants, you need to water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry and make sure the plant isn’t overwatered. Let any water drain out of the saucer and pour it away so the plant isn’t sitting in any water.


Should I feed this large houseplant?

Yes you can feed once a month in the growing season - spring and summer. We do our own vegan, organic plant food if you’d like to take a look! 


Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, it can be toxic to pets if eaten.


What size is it?

W20cm x H70cm 


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If you’d like to watch a video on houseplant care, we’ve made one for you! View it here.


Small Ficus Umbellata