Ficus Amstel King 2.5m
Ficus Amstel King 2.5m

Ficus Amstel King 2.5m

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We love this very tall, impressive Fig, it’s a real head turner! Ficus Amstel King is a magnificent indoor tree that absolutely grabs attention - you really need a big space for this extra-large houseplant, it demands to be a centrepiece. Please call us if you would like us to source large trees for your individual requirements.

With its wonderful twisted trunk and mass of fresh green leaves springing from the top, this tall indoor plant really is the king of large houseplants. This Ficus Amstel King is a slow grower so takes a long time to reach this full size - we are very privileged to be offering this inspiring houseplant to you.

Our Ficus Amstel King is two and a half metres tall so it will work well if you have a big space - with a high ceiling. Please call to chat about your requirements if you have a space that needs an impressive focal point.

We do also hire out plants for photoshoots and events, this extra-large houseplant would work brilliantly as a real style accent for a party.  Contact us for details of houseplant hire and for information on costs.

Where should I put this huge houseplant?

Ficus Amstel King likes bright light but not full sun - like other rainforest plants, it likes humidity and indirect light, not shade.

How much should I water it?

You should not overwater, water when the soil feels dry to the touch - the top two inches will feel dry. You can then soak through, allowing water to drain from the bottom, don’t let the plant sit in water.

Does this plant need feeding?

Yes, you can feed once a month during spring and summer - we have a vegan, organic plant food for sale!

Is this plant suitable if you have pets?

No, the Ficus Amstel King is not great for pets, the leaves can be toxic if eaten.

What size is this houseplant?

A huge 2.5 meters high!


Shipping: We ship via DPD’s 24-hour tracked carbon neutral service. 

Delivery times are 7-10 working days, but are usually much quicker. More details can be found here

We post all our plants to most of the UK, with the exceptions of the Islands of Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of White, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands due to the high cost of shipping.

Measurements: The plant heights provided encompass the plant stem and the foliage length, along with the depth of the grow pot, which includes the living root system, and not just the portion of the plant that is visible above the soil level.

Although we strive to provide plants within the specified size range, there may be some instances where the plants supplied could be slightly smaller or larger than the size selected.

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