Live Moss for Indoor Plants, Terrariums, Hanging Baskets and Orchids
Live Moss for Indoor Plants, Terrariums, Hanging Baskets and Orchids
Live Moss for Indoor Plants, Terrariums, Hanging Baskets and Orchids
Live Moss for Indoor Plants, Terrariums, Hanging Baskets and Orchids

Live Moss for Indoor Plants, Terrariums, Hanging Baskets and Orchids

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Carpet Flat or sheet Moss for orchids, terrrariums, hanging baskets and more. This live moss is perfect for elevating your creative projects and interior designs. With its lush and captivating mossy texture, this versatile product is designed to enrich many environments, from enhancing houseplants to crafting enchanting terrariums, mossariums and paladariums and beyond.

Dried, it can also create captivating flower arrangements, add a touch of elegance to your houseplants, window dressings, fashion beautiful Christmas decorations and wreaths, or infuse your wedding decor with a touch of natural beauty.
As a member of the Hypnales family, this moss thrives in humidity levels ranging from 60% to 85%. Its compatibility with a wide range of soils makes it adaptable. 

Gentle care is the key to preserving the allure of this magnificent moss. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, and like all-natural products, variations in colour and appearance are expected, enhancing its authenticity by showcasing elements reminiscent of woodland undergrowth. Elevate all your projects with the allure of Carpet/Flat Moss!
Caring for flat moss in a terrariu or other eclosed spaces, requires careful attention to its specific environmental needs to ensure its health and vigour. Follow these guidelines for successful care:
  1. Terrarium Lighting: Position the terrarium in an area with indirect or filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight exposure, as it can lead to excessive drying and potential harm to the moss.
  2. Terrarium Humidity: Flat moss thrives in high humidity environments. Maintain humidity levels between 60% and 85%. Achieve this by misting the moss regularly or placing a humidity tray with water in the terrarium.
  3. Airflow: While moss enjoys high humidity, it's vital to ensure proper airflow within the terrarium. Stagnant air can encourage fungal growth and other issues. Open the terrarium periodically to allow fresh air circulation.
  4. Terrarium Watering: Water the moss sparingly. Overwatering can lead to rot, especially in enclosed terrariums. Use a spray bottle to mist the moss, ensuring the substrate remains damp but not waterlogged. Monitor the moss's moisture level and adjust your watering frequency accordingly.
  5. Terrarium Substrate: Utilise a well-draining substrate like a blend of peat moss and perlite. This substrate retains moisture while preventing waterlogging, which is essential for moss health.
  6. Terrarium Placement: Arrange the flat moss on the substrate, gently pressing it down. Ensure good contact between the moss and substrate to encourage healthy growth.
  7. Moss Pruning: Trim any brown or unhealthy patches from the moss using clean, sterile scissors. This prevents the spread of diseases and maintains the moss's appearance.
  8. Temperature: Maintain a moderate temperature range between 15°C to 24°C (60°F to 75°F). Avoid drastic temperature changes that could stress the moss.
  9. Moss Fertilisation: Generally, flat moss doesn't require regular fertilisation in a terrarium. The nutrients from the substrate and occasional decaying matter should suffice. However, if growth appears lacklustre, you can use a diluted, balanced liquid fertiliser sparingly.
  10. Monitoring: Regularly inspect the moss's condition. If it becomes overly dry, increase misting frequency; if it's excessively wet, reduce watering. Watch out for signs of browning, which could indicate insufficient lighting or improper care.
  11. Moss Cleaning: Remove any debris or fallen leaves from the moss's surface to uphold its cleanliness and appearance.

By adhering to these care guidelines, you'll create an environment that nurtures and sustains your flat moss in the terrarium, allowing it to thrive and enhance the beauty of your enclosed ecosystem.

Sizing is approiximate and our moss may come in separate pieces. 

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