Peperomia Columella
Peperomia Columella
Peperomia Columella
Peperomia Columella
Peperomia Columella
Peperomia Columella
Peperomia Columella

Peperomia Columella

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Peperomia Columella is a beautiful succulent, it has small, fleshy leaves and flowers during the spring and buds are borne at the top of the stem. The flowers are tiny, tail-like and light green in color. Peperomia Columella is from Peru In its natural habitat this succulent species grows between rocks and cliffs.


Happy Plant Guide:

  • This is a very easy to care for plant.
  • Find it a sunny spot, stay light on watering and feed it through the summer. 
  • Soil: Requires cactus soil (mix of some gritty, sand and humus) with excellent drainage.This plant is a rock dweller and needs excellent airflow and a soil that allows the water to run quickly away from the root. These plants like to be a little pot bound.
    Watering: Allow to dry in-between watering. From spring to autumn water Peperomia columella allow water to run out of the pot. Water sparingly during winter. 
  • Fertilization. Feed once a month during the growing season
  • Light: Peperomia columella like bright indirect light, but do tolerate low light.
    Hardiness: Not particular about temperature, but best in a moderate to warm place. Peperomia columella can be cultivated at room temperature throughout the year, if not, it should be placed at approx 10 °C. Protect from frost.
    Light: Peperomia columella grow best if located bright and sunny throughout the year with ample airflow. Avoid drafts. Indoors, they require bright indirect light, but do tolerate low light.

  • size 14cm wide, our plants are supplied in plastic nursery pots

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