Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter
Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter
Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter
Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter
Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter
Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter
Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter
Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid & Lisbon Planter

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Introducing our Pink Bouquet Orchid, a delightful choice for any occasion! These exquisite orchids, adorned with delicate pink hues, bring an air of elegance and charm to any setting.

The Pink Bouquet Orchids, also known as Phalaenopsis Orchids, belong to the Orchidaceae family and boast a unique and captivating beauty. Originating from tropical and subtropical regions such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia, these three-stem orchids are a rare find, promising a spectacular display with their profusion of buds.

Thriving as epiphytes in their natural habitat, Pink Bouquet Orchids attach themselves to trees instead of relying on soil. This unique characteristic allows them to absorb moisture and nutrients from the air, resulting in long-lasting blooms that endure for two to three months. These qualities make them a sought-after choice for indoor plants.

Not only are Pink Bouquet Orchids visually stunning, but they also require minimal care, making them ideal houseplants. Thriving in bright, indirect light and moderate humidity, they need infrequent watering and well-draining potting soil. With the potential to bloom twice a year, these orchids produce enduring, show-stopping flowers in shades of pink and cream.

Versatile in style, Pink Bouquet Orchids effortlessly complement any decor. Whether displayed in a simple, minimalist pot or showcased in an ornate container, they add sophistication to any space. Perfect as a centerpiece or focal point in a room, these orchids are a timeless addition to your home.

Select from our collection of stunning Charcoal, Pink Clay, or Sage Lisbon Planters to showcase your Pink Bouquet Orchid. The 15cm wide Lisbon planter, with its minimalistic design, curved shape, and smooth finish, perfectly complements any interior design style.

As a special touch, each purchase includes a free Peace Lily, making it a thoughtful gift for any occasion. A handwritten card with your personalized message is included, ensuring a delightful surprise without visible prices or paperwork.

Caring for Your Pink Bouquet Orchids:

To ensure the well-being of your Pink Bouquet Orchids, follow these care guidelines:

  • Light Requirements: Place orchids in bright, indirect light, avoiding harsh sunlight.
  • Temperature and Humidity: Maintain a warm, mildly humid environment between 18°C and 26°C (65°F and 80°F).
  • Watering: Allow the potting mix to nearly dry out between waterings to prevent waterlogged roots.
  • Fertilizing: Use a specialized orchid fertilizer according to the recommended schedule and dosage.

Common Questions about Pink Bouquet Orchids:

  • Where should I place Pink Bouquet Orchids? Position them in bright, indirect light.
  • How often should I water Pink Bouquet Orchids? Allow the potting mix to nearly dry out between waterings.
  • Do Pink Bouquet Orchids require high humidity? While they appreciate slightly elevated humidity, they can thrive in regular household levels.
  • Can I fertilize Pink Bouquet Orchids? Yes, use a specialized orchid fertilizer as directed.

With their triple stems of delicate pink blossoms, the Pink Bouquet Orchids make a captivating and enduring gift, transforming any space into a sanctuary of natural beauty.

Presented in a 13cm pot with each stem measuring W50cm tall, creates a beautiful bouquet ready to elevate your living space with timeless elegance. Rest assured, all our plants and arrangements are carefully selected and arranged to ensure their safe delivery to your doorstep. Embrace the allure of the Pink Bouquet Orchids and bring refinement and sophistication to your home.

Shipping: We ship via DPD’s 24-hour tracked carbon neutral service. 

Delivery times are 7-10 working days, but are usually much quicker. More details can be found here

We post all our plants to most of the UK, with the exceptions of the Islands of Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of White, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands due to the high cost of shipping.

Measurements: The plant heights provided encompass the plant stem and the foliage length, along with the depth of the grow pot, which includes the living root system, and not just the portion of the plant that is visible above the soil level.

Although we strive to provide plants within the specified size range, there may be some instances where the plants supplied could be slightly smaller or larger than the size selected.

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