Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter
Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter
Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter
Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter
Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter
Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter
Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter
Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter
Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter

Stephanotis floribunda & Lisbon Planter

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The Madagascar jasmine, commonly known as the Hawaiian wedding flower or bridal wreath plant, is a botanical gem that exudes timeless elegance and fragrant beauty. Snugly nestled in a 12cm pot, this exceptional houseplant promises to infuse any interior space with its charming allure.

Originating from the lush, tropical regions of Madagascar, the Stephanotis floribunda belongs to the Apocynaceae family, a group renowned for its enchanting blossoms. The Stephanotis is celebrated for its waxy, white, star-shaped flowers that release a captivating, sweet fragrance, making it a true delight for the senses. They are among the most strongly fragrant of all flowers found in the wild.

Pot Included: Choose between our beautiful Charcoal, Pink Clay or Sage Lisbon Planters. If only everything slotted into any interior scheme as easily as the Lisbon planter. Featuring a minimal design, curved shape and smooth finish, this round waterproof planter complements a range of décor, from modern to traditional. Try mixing and matching other planters until you are fully planter-ed out (as if that were possible!)—15 cm wide planter. 

Free Gift Card Included: This interesting houseplant makes the perfect gift for any occasion: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and even a Christmas gift. When gifting, we can include a free, handwritten card - specify your message at the basket stage of delivery, and we’ll do the rest!  We won’t give the game away with paperwork or prices either, so it’ll be a wonderful surprise!

To ensure the well-being and vitality of your Stephanotis floribunda, follow these essential care guidelines:

Light Requirements: Position your Stephanotis in a location with bright, indirect light. It thrives in moderate to high light conditions but should be protected from harsh, direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves. Ideal spots include areas near north or east-facing windows.

Temperature and Humidity: Maintain a warm and mildly humid environment for the Stephanotis. It prefers temperatures between 18°C and 26°C (65°F and 80°F) and appreciates a slight boost in humidity. You can achieve this by misting the leaves or using a humidifier, promoting healthy blooming.

Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. The Stephanotis floribunda enjoys steady moisture, but overwatering can lead to root rot. Wait until the top inch of soil has slightly dried out before watering again. It's essential to strike a balance, as both underwatering and overwatering can affect the plant's health.

Soil and Potting: Use a well-draining potting mix tailored for tropical plants. Stephanotis floribunda prefers soil that retains moisture while allowing excess water to escape freely. Ensure the pot has drainage holes to prevent water buildup. Repotting may be necessary every couple of years or when the plant outgrows its current container.

Fertilising: Feed your Stephanotis with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every two to four weeks during the active growing season, typically spring and summer. Follow the recommended dosage and application instructions on the fertilizer label. Reduce or suspend fertilization during the plant's dormant period in winter. Check out our houseplant food here.

The Stephanotis floribunda is celebrated not only for its captivating flowers but also for its lush, glossy foliage. Its vines and star-shaped blossoms bring a touch of classic charm and delightful fragrance to any indoor setting.

Common Questions about the Stephanotis floribunda:

Where should I place the Stephanotis floribunda? Position the plant in an area with bright, indirect light to promote healthy growth and blooming. Shield it from direct sunlight to prevent leaf damage.

How often should I water the Stephanotis floribunda? Maintain even soil moisture but avoid waterlogging. Water when the top inch of soil becomes slightly dry.

Does the Stephanotis floribunda require high humidity? While it appreciates slightly elevated humidity levels, it can thrive in regular household humidity. Misting the leaves or using a humidifier can be beneficial.

Can I fertilize the Stephanotis floribunda? Certainly, use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer designed for indoor plants. Apply it during the growing season according to the recommended dosage and frequency. Reduce or suspend fertilization during the plant's dormant phase in winter. Check out our houseplant food here.

Size: Pot Size: 12cm (diameter). With its aromatic blossoms and lush foliage, the Stephanotis floribunda is ready to grace your living space with its timeless beauty. Plant it in a lovely decorative pot, or allow it to climb and cascade in your indoor garden for a touch of classic charm.

All our plants are carefully selected and supplied in sturdy plastic nursery pots to ensure their safe delivery to your doorstep. Embrace the allure of the Stephanotis floribunda and transform your home into a fragrant sanctuary.

We invite you to explore our Houseplant Blog for further inspiration and expert advice on caring for your beloved houseplants. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just beginning your indoor gardening journey, our blog is your trusted resource for cultivating a thriving and enchanting indoor garden. Discover the unique beauty of the Stephanotis floribunda and other remarkable plants that will transform your home into a botanical masterpiece.


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