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Crassula Ovata 'Hobbit' (Hobbit Jade Plant)

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Brussels Round Plant Pot 35cm (large Indoor Plant Pots) - Anthracite
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We love this plant for its easy care nature and unusual almost alien-like appearance providing interesting structure and shape. It works well as a potted small bonsai tree with a thick trunk able to support a nice full crown of leaves. A very beautiful plant ideal for a centrepiece. 

This is a great value plant offering a lot of style and interest and is easy to care for busy people or those with less confidence keeping plants. for the more experienced grower, it's a chance to hone your bonsai skills and enjoy shaping this tree into a beautiful shape as it grows.   

Crassula Hobbit is a succulent plant native to the Cape Provinces in South Africa. Popular with J.R.R. Tolkien Fans for its common name 'Hobbit Jade' and Gollum-like shaped leaves. 

Sprawling succulents with stems and leaves that seem stacked on top of each other, The leaves are pale, blue/green in colour. This succulent is easy to care for, ideally in a bright spot on a window sill. Water regularly but ensure the water is free draining and completely dry before watering again. 

In its native environment in South Africa, it lives in arid and dry landscapes. It propagates by breaking up easily in the wild when the wind or animals brush past and break small pieces, down to a single leaf away from the mother plant. The small cuttings easily propagate again in the soil spreading the plant far and wide. The main threat to the species is urban development. 

In its native habitat, it can be found growing in rocks in wide-open spaces and on cliff edges and does best in bright indirect light. 

Crassula Hobbit make a great houseplant gift for friends or family - surprise them with rainforest style! If you are giving Crassula Hobbit as a gift, make sure you include your message at the basket stage.  We’ll deliver the houseplant along with a free, handwritten card - and we’ll leave out the paperwork with the price on!

Crassula propagate by breaking easily, we will ship and wrap as carefully as we can but it's inevitable that some parts of the plant will break away from the mother plant. These can be easily propagated and it's natural and normal the plant soon grows larger once settled. Please only buy if you understand it's normal (and think its fun propagating plants!). 

Crassula Hobbit care level

This plant is easy to care for, and great for beginners.

Where should I put this plant?

likes bright indirect light, it will also enjoy a sunny spot, so it’s not a fussy plant but will burn in full sun.

How should I water this plant?

Water when the top two inches of soil are dry, make sure you don’t overwater this plant.

Should I feed this plant?

Feed once a month in spring and summer with liquid plant food. Why not try our own vegan, organic plant food?

Is this plant suitable if I have pets?

This plant is toxic to cats and dogs.

What size is this plant?

W32cm x H70cm, W35cm x H100cm 

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

Shipping: We ship via DPD’s 24-hour tracked carbon neutral service. 

Delivery times are 7-10 working days, but are usually much quicker. More details can be found here

We post all our plants to most of the UK, with the exceptions of the Islands of Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of White, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands due to the high cost of shipping.

Measurements: The plant heights provided encompass the plant stem and the foliage length, along with the depth of the grow pot, which includes the living root system, and not just the portion of the plant that is visible above the soil level.

Although we strive to provide plants within the specified size range, there may be some instances where the plants supplied could be slightly smaller or larger than the size selected.

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