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happy houseplants

Our aim is to create urban jungles - little spaces of calm, at your home or place of work, to help you escape the stresses of everyday life.

We have a very simple philosophy: we only buy plants we love. Every single plant we sell is handpicked and has its own story – and its own charm. We offer great value, professional plant styling and plant sourcing, as well as useful advice to help you select the right plant for your needs. We will always ensure you’re happy with your purchase, and we’ll be there to answer any questions you may have and to help you settle your specially chosen plant into its new home.

Happy Houseplants operates from Berwick Farm in the middle of the gorgeous Essex countryside. Berwick is a working arable farm, run by a team growing crops such as wheat and barley using conservation focused farming techniques, working to farm in harmony with wildlife and the environment. We also have some very nice pubs locally!

I hope you enjoy visiting Happy Houseplants. I’m confident you’ll enjoy our great service and discover one of our gorgeous plants to make your own. 

If you want to know about our returns policy or anything else, please check out this page.


Company Owner and Founder

Have a plant project to discuss?

 Let’s collaborate and create wonderful spaces together. We are here to help you find answers to all your doubts and solve plant challenges that might bother you. Drop us a message by filling out the contact form or write to us at our email. We will get back to you before our morning coffee. 

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