Echeveria gifting set
Echeveria gifting set
Echeveria gifting set
Echeveria gifting set
Echeveria gifting set
Echeveria gifting set
Echeveria gifting set

Echeveria gifting set

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Introducing our carefully selected Echeveria gifting set! These five beautiful succulents are perfect for any plant lover or anyone looking to add some greenery to their home. Echeverias are native to Central and South America and are known for their rosette-shaped leaves and beautiful pastel colours.  

Echeverias are known for their stunning pastel colours, which range from soft greens and blues to pale pinks and purples. These delicate hues give these succulents a soft and dreamy appearance, making them popular choices for home interiors.

The pastel tones of Echeverias are especially striking when the plants are arranged in clusters or when different varieties are combined, creating a beautiful and harmonious palette of colours. Whether you choose to display them in a pot, planter, or terrarium, Echeverias are sure to add a touch of elegance and serenity to any space with their soft and soothing colours.

Caring for these plants is easy, making them great for both experienced and beginner plant enthusiasts. Echeverias thrive in well-draining soil and bright, indirect sunlight. They should be watered thoroughly but only when the soil has completely dried out, which is typically once a week. Overwatering can lead to root rot and damage to the plant, so it's important to avoid this.

When it comes to styling these plants, the options are endless! Echeverias look beautiful on their own in a pot or planter, or they can be grouped together to create a stunning succulent garden. They also make great additions to open-topped terrariums with good airflow or mixed plant arrangements. Echeverias come in a variety of colours, including green, blue, purple, pink, and red, so there's a perfect option for every style and preference.

Our Echeveria pastel gifting set is the perfect present for any occasion. Whether it's a housewarming gift, a birthday gift, or a just-because gift, these succulents are sure to delight you. Not only are they beautiful, but they're also low-maintenance and long-lasting, so the recipient can enjoy them for years to come. Plus, they add a touch of natural beauty to any space and can help purify the air, making them a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

If you’re looking to buy houseplants online (UK) that are a little bit different, Happy Houseplants have a wealth of knowledge and advice to give you and fantastic plants! We’re always happy to advise you on your choice; contact us by phone or email. We’re the people to come to if you’re wondering where to buy plants in London and the home counties - we are hard to beat for indoor plant delivery!

If you’re buying this wonderful Cactus as a gift, we’ll enclose a handwritten card for free along with the delivery. Include your gift message at the basket stage of ordering, and we’ll do the rest! We’ll leave out the paperwork too!

Our Echeveria pastel gifting set may include varieties not pictured. The varieties and cultivars available change throughout the year, but we will always choose the prettiest available. 

Echeveria care level

Here are some tips for growing Echeverias:

  1. Soil: Echeverias prefer well-draining soil a cactus or succulent potting mix works well for Echeverias.
  2. Watering: Echeverias are drought-tolerant plants and prefer to be watered sparingly. Water them only when the soil has completely dried out. Overwatering can cause the roots to rot.
  3. Light: Echeverias thrive in bright, indirect light. They can also tolerate some direct sunlight, but too much can burn their leaves.
  4. Temperature: Echeverias prefer warm temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (15-27°C). They are not frost-tolerant and should be protected from freezing temperatures in cold rooms.
  5. Fertilizer: Echeverias do not require a lot of fertilizer, but a light feeding of a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer) can help them grow and flower. Our organic original Vegan Cactus & Succulent food is ideal. 
  6. Propagation: Echeverias can be propagated by stem cuttings or by leaf cuttings. Remove a healthy stem or leaf from the parent plant and allow it to dry for a day or two before planting it in well-draining soil.
  7. Pruning: Echeverias do not require pruning, but you can remove any dead or damaged leaves to keep the plant looking tidy.

Where should I put this plant?

Echeveria like bright light but not direct sun.

How much water should I give it?

Like most cacti, Echeveria likes to be watered only when the top 2 inches of soil are dry, and it dislikes being overwatered - think desert plant!

Should I feed this cactus?

When developing our original Happy Houseplants’ Vegan Cactus & Succulent Food, we decided not to tinker with it too much, so you'll find no chemical supplements in this 100% cruelty-free vegan product. Our organic original Vegan Cactus & Succulent food is made from Seaweed harvested sustainably.

Seaweed provides a delicate blend of growth hormones and micronutrients that is perfect for all indoor plants. Houseplants grow throughout spring, summer and autumn, so they will benefit from organic fertiliser during this time to encourage flowering and keep them healthy and well. Check out our full houseplant food range here

Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, Echeveria can be toxic to pets.

What size is this plant?

W6cm Supplied in &cm White or Grey pots 

Shipping: We ship via DPD’s 24-hour tracked carbon neutral service. 

Delivery times are 7-10 working days, but are usually much quicker. More details can be found here

We post all our plants to most of the UK, with the exceptions of the Islands of Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of White, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands due to the high cost of shipping.

Measurements: The plant heights provided encompass the plant stem and the foliage length, along with the depth of the grow pot, which includes the living root system, and not just the portion of the plant that is visible above the soil level.

Although we strive to provide plants within the specified size range, there may be some instances where the plants supplied could be slightly smaller or larger than the size selected.

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