Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs & Monza Planter
Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs & Monza Planter
Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs & Monza Planter
Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs & Monza Planter
Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs & Monza Planter
Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs & Monza Planter

Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs & Monza Planter

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Elevate the winter gloom with our exquisite Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs and Monza Planter, presented in a charming 12cm pot. These fragrant blooms will enchant your senses and add a touch of natural elegance to your surroundings.

Each bulb brings forth bright blue flowers composed of delicate star-shaped petals. Their enchanting scent will fill your space with a delightful fragrance, making them a perfect choice for infusing your home with Christmas cheer.

Once these delightful blooms have graced your indoor space, they're ready to embark on a new journey in your garden. Plant them in your outdoor space, and they'll reward you with a splendid display the following spring. These bulbs are a lasting investment, promising to blossom for years, adding a burst of colour and fragrance to your garden each year.

Plant Care:

  • Begin by potting these bulbs in indoor focus compost and place them on a sunny window sill until they burst into full bloom. Their vibrant blue star-shaped flowers will captivate your senses and enliven any room.
  • Once they've dazzled you indoors, consider showcasing them in a prominent position on your table or sideboard for a striking and aromatic centrepiece.
  • After their indoor display, it's time to introduce these hardy bulbs to your garden. Plant them outdoors, and they'll return the favour in spring, offering a burst of colour and fragrance.
  • Allow the foliage to naturally wither before tidying up, ensuring their energy is stored for the next blooming season.
  • When handling hyacinth bulbs, remember to wear gloves, as they can be irritating to the skin.

Our Hyacinthus Orientalis Pink Bulbs and Monza Planter not only showcase beautifully scented, pink star-shaped blooms but also come with the distinction of Happy Houseplants being an RHS Gold Medal Award winner. They are perfect for infusing life into your home during the festive season and are an excellent choice for creating vibrant container displays alongside other spring seasonal flowers.

Embrace the charm and enduring beauty of these hyacinth bulbs, a fragrant gift that keeps giving year after year.

Pot Included: Choose between our beautiful vintage blue Monza pot or grey Monza pot for a perfect houseplant gift suitable for any occasion. Our Monza pot is simply a perfect way to display your favourite houseplant. The elegant design on our Vintage Monza pot creates a charming focal point on side tables, shelves, sills or mantel pieces. Round with a premium glaze and fully waterproof, this planter will be loved by all for years to come! H/W/D CM: 15.5/15.5/15.5 (Hyacinth bulb nursery pot 10cm wide) 

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What should be done with hyacinth bulbs after they have finished flowering indoors?

Once hyacinth bulbs have flowered indoors, you have several options for their care and future use. Here's what you can do with hyacinth bulbs after they have bloomed indoors:

  1. Move Them Outdoors: Hyacinth bulbs can be transitioned to an outdoor garden or container once they have flowered indoors. Choose a suitable location in your garden or a large container. Plant them at the same depth as in the indoor container, typically 3-4 inches deep. This allows them to continue their growth cycle and bloom again in the following spring.

  2. Allow the Foliage to Wither: After flowering, it's essential to let the foliage of the hyacinth plants naturally wither and turn yellow. This process allows the bulbs to absorb and store energy for the next growing season. Do not cut back or remove the foliage prematurely, as it plays a crucial role in the bulb's health.

  3. Water and Maintenance: Continue to water the plants as needed during the post-flowering period. Ensure that the soil remains moist but not waterlogged. Once the foliage has withered, you can gradually reduce watering. It's a good practice to mulch the area where they are planted to conserve moisture and provide some insulation.

  4. Divide and Replant: Over time, hyacinth bulbs can multiply and become crowded. You can dig up the bulbs, divide them, and replant them with adequate spacing to ensure healthy growth. This division typically takes place every few years.

  5. Provide Adequate Sunlight: Hyacinths thrive in full or partial sunlight. Ensure they receive the necessary light to fuel their growth and development.

  6. Fertilise Sparingly: Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in the early spring as the plants emerge from dormancy. Avoid excessive fertilization, as hyacinths do not require heavy feeding.

By following these care guidelines, you can enjoy the continued growth and blossoming of your hyacinth bulbs in your garden for many years. Hyacinths are perennial plants that reward your efforts with fragrant and colourful blooms each spring.


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