Licuala Grandis Palm
Licuala Grandis Palm
Licuala Grandis Palm
Licuala Grandis Palm
Licuala Grandis Palm
Licuala Grandis Palm

Licuala Grandis Palm

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Licuala Grandis, the ruffled fan palm, is a species of palm tree native to Vanuatu, an island nation in the Pacific near Australia. Licuala grandis is an excellent palm for growing inside in the UK because it enjoys lower light than most other palms. It's also slow-growing and looks beautiful with large elegant fan-shaped leaves. 

Our tip for the Grandis Palm is to go big! They look wonderful when established and well worth the extra cost. Like most houseplants, it will thrive if you treat it a little bit mean. Water sparingly and give it some space to grow and you will be rewarded with a wonderful specimen plant. 

We sell a variety of other Palms including Kentia and Areca and source the best value for money. 


W24cm x H100cm, W27cm x 120cm

Where should I put this plant?

Licuala Grandis palm likes lots of light but not direct sun, it will burn in direct sun and naturally grows in the shade when it's a young plant. it loves humidity although it will tolerate cooler temperatures than some houseplants. Spraying weekly will help avoid leaf browning. 

How much water does it need?

This plant should be kept a little moist, water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry, less in winter. 

Is this plant suitable if I have pets?

Licuala Grandis is usually suitable if you have pets but we can’t guarantee that it will be fine for every pet.

Does this plant need feeding?

Yes, just feed with a liquid feed once during the summer months.

We post all our small plants under 1.2 metres across the UK, including Northern Ireland using Royal Mail and Parcel Force. 

We hand deliver our large plants in this area using our own vans and specialist plant team. 

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